Articles of Patriarch Rev. Dr. John Williams

Nations Shall Rise and Fall Word History for the past 6000 years
The World History from the Time of Creation Part 1 Long Life and salvation
The World History from the Time of Creation Part 2 Creativity
Jewish History   Enjoying and Enriching our Life Every Day
King Solomon's Temple Genealogy of Jesus Christ
Teachings of Jesus Christ Part 1 Teaching of Jesus Christ part 2
Doctrine of Revelation People are reluctant, hesitant and stingy in Giving
Anointing of the Holy Spirit Creativity is one of the greatest Attribute
Kingdom of God Planning and Goal Setting
Encounter with God Artificial, Natural and Supernatural or Spiritual
Spiritual Science Time Management
Church Growth Divine Revelation
Revelation Knowledge Using Modern Technologies to preach the Gospel
The calling for Ministry We can live in Heaven while you live in Earth
The Wise and the Foolish Christian Leadership Qualities
Doctrine of God Love
Universal/Christian/Bible Values God's Economic System
Christ was born on the Christmas Day How God Speaks?
What is Sin? Biblical Principles and Methods of Giving
Judgment of God God created Man in His own image and likeness
Evaluation and Control Nations shall Rise and Nations shall Fall
Anointing of the Holy Spirit Why Should we Prosper?
Moral and Ethical Responsibilities of Ministers Effective and Successful in Ministry
Successful Management Principles / Biblical Principles Biblical and Management Principles
All Things to possible to him that believes Entering, Living and Building the Kingdom of God
God's Laws for successful life The Calling for Ministry
Having an Encounter with God Giving in different ways and at different levels
The Mystery of Tsunami Spiritual Beings