Time Management is God's Principle and Way
(God Operates in Time Frames/Time Spans)
by Dr. John Williams

I. God and Time Spans
God allocates Time Spans to do some thing, within that Time Span or Time Frame
a. In 24 hour Time Spans (which is a day) God created different things, including
The Land and the Seas
The Sun and the Moon
The Fruit Bearing Trees, the Shrubs and the Grass
The Animals and the Birds
The Creatures of the Sea
The Man
A Sabbath Day (A day of Rest)

In a Day of 24 Hours:
God Operated on a Daily basis, and each Day was made up by a time frame of 24 Hours; each hour by 60 Minutes; and each Minute by 60 Seconds.

God had a Plan for each Day and within that Time Frame He accomplished something Creative, and when He saw, it was Good, Beautiful and Worthwhile.

Time and Life:
We should realize, that without Time, we cannot do anything. The Time that we have is our Life. How we use or manage our time is how we manage or spend our life. Therefore Time Management is managing our Life itself. If we waste our time without doing anything worthwhile, we will be wasting our life.

II. Stewardship & Accountability
The Bible says that when much is given, much will be required of them. Our accountability increases, as we are given more time or substance. When much is given, much more will be required of us.

III. Operating God's Way by Time-Frames/Slots/Spans
We have to remember that God operates by definite Time Frames or Spans, we should also operate by time frames, and we should also get some thing done or accomplished with a clear cut plan at least during every hour of the day and every day. This is also a principle of stewardship. As the saying goes, when much is given, including the time, much will be required of us.
In the context of this discussion of operating in Time Frames or Spans, like God does, we should also Plan to spend our Time wisely, and not just waste it, without any plan or a set of goals to accomplish something in particular.

IV. Time, Life and Money
Time is life and life is time. We can equate one with the other. We also spend time to make money, and therefore money becomes very significant, because we more or less trade our time or life for money. Therefore in time- management we have to juggle time and money, both of which represent our time or life. This means that in our life how we manage our time and money is very significant. If you waste the money you have earned in a span of 10 years, it means that you have wasted 10 years of your life. Use of Time, Money and Life, are intricately intertwined and is quite significant.

V. A Good way of Spending our Time, which is our Life
1. We must have a plan or a goal to do something significant during every hour of the day. At the end of the day we should take time to review as to how we spent the day and what we accomplished, for our benefit, others benefit and for the sake of God. If it is out of balance or if the time is not distributed properly, we can refine our plans to do full justice. 2. We may consider the following kinds of things to be added in our daily schedule. It is not what we do that is important, but what we get done or accomplished. It is the value derived that is more important than the kind of activity in which we were engaged in. Putting it in a slightly different way, we must be goal or results oriented, and not simply activity oriented, as many people are.
Rather than reading the Bible for a certain amount of Time, perhaps we should plan to learn certain number of new truths from the Bible and start applying them in our lives
Rather than praying for a certain number of Times or for a certain amount of Time, we must pray through and get answers for some of our prayers, and believe and know that we got our prayers answered.
Rather than spending some time at random to help or minister to the needs of others, we must do something in a concrete way or give something that is measurable or quantifiable.
Rather than engaging in the same kind of activity, we must do something specific, which will be measurable, and have some special value or significance.

In this context, the chapter headings of a Book that I am writing, which are given below, is significant, since I believe that it will have some relevance, significance and value in terms of the enhancement of standards, meaningfulness and richness of our life, in biblical perspective.

VI. Enjoying and Enriching your Life Everyday ! (by John Williams)

The content of a book which is about to be published very soon is given below for your review and benefit in this context.
Introduction (Now means To-Day!)
1. Enjoy Reminiscing and Listing the Memorable Moments of your Past Life
2. Enjoy Displaying Photos, Charts, mementos or Models depicting those Memorable Moments
3. Enjoy Making Great Plans or Set Goals to Accomplish Every Minute, 5 Minute, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, of the Day
4. Enjoy Designing and Decorating your Home or Work Environment, Creatively
5. Enjoy Organizing all your Things in a Systematic Way
6. Enjoy Setting Goals for each Week, Month, Year and 5 Year Period
7. Enjoy Writing Daily Diary of Your Life, Thanking the Lord for the Special Blessings bestowed upon us
8. Enjoy Making a Weekly plan for Diet and Exercise
9. Enjoy Making a Schedule for a Week, Month, and Year, for Special Activities, Programs or Projects
10. Enjoy Preparing and Doing Your Daily List of Work
11. Enjoy Searching and Finding 3 or 5 Spiritual Laws from the Bible, Add to your List and Start Applying them
12. Enjoy Making some Creative Plans every Day, and pursue them
13. Enjoy Cleaning something to Renew and Brighten them, to reflect and radiate its full luster, beauty and God's glory, as a reminder for us to "let our light so shine......."

14. Enjoy Doing some thing Creatively in some Area of Your Work Interest or Hobby, because creativity is the reflection of God's nature or greatest quality.
15. Enjoy Writing a Book or an Article, which should we our real life experiences that will motivate others to realize their full potential, which will be God's will .
16. Enjoy Displaying Conspicuously Some Charts Models or Memento, which will indicate Goals and the Degree of Attainment
Conclusion (If you will follow these Bible based principles, your Life will be Enriched beyond your Expectation and Imagination)
VII. Conclusion
Every chapter heading may serve as an example of the kinds of values that we should have in life. We can choose any number or kinds of values, which we consider important with to our life, and in the context of the Bible.

Just like the saying, " A Penny spent is a Penny lost". A day, week, month or year spent with without accomplishing any thing worth-while, is like a day, week, month or year wasted.

In closing I would like to challenge every one who gets this message, to make a self-evaluation to see they spent the calendar year of 2007, and make a plan for spending their time and money in a more meaningful way, establishing priorities as per Bible values thought in the Bible, during the calendar year 2008!

Redeem the time. We are living in the closing times of the Human History. Learn to operate in Time Frames or Time Slots (Day, Hour and Minute). Life is Time and Time is Life. It is not how or how much time you spent is important, but what you got done or accomplished in the time given, is important. Yesterday is gone; there is no guarantee for tomorrow; and all we have is today. If you fail to plan and budget your time and money, which is your life, then you will be planning to fail!!!!

If you do more of something good, it does not mean that it is better. You may have other better options to do also. Some times it is not what you do, but what you do not do counts. A Plan, Variety, Indulging in Things of Value, Doing something that is Fulfilling, Doing something that has lasting Value, Allocating Time for all Important Things, Establishing Priorities in Life, what we do for God, what we do for others etc, should be given due and important consideration!!!

-The End-