Featured Article:
 “Using Modern Technology in reaching the World with the Gospel”
by Dr. John Williams


The Great Commission given by Jesus Christ, to His Disciples at the end of His ministry on this earth, may seem quite impossible and monumental, but the good news is that Jesus, transferred His spiritual power to his disciples to get the job done.  As we know, the responsibility and power go hand in hand. 


Jesus said, in Mathew’s Gospel Chapter 28:18- “I have all power in heaven and in earth” and in Verse 19 He continued to say, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all Nations…”.  This was literally fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, when 120 believers who were gathered in the Upper Room, were praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit to come, just like Jesus promised, on the 50th day after the ascension of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind and rested on them as cloven tongues of fire, when they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by the fact that Peter, who denied Christ thrice, received the holy boldness to step out of the Upper Room and preached to a multitude of people about Christ.  In this first mass meeting of Peter, 3000 souls were converted.  After this event, several Supernatural Healings and Miracles took place in the Ministries of the early Apostles and Disciples of Christ.  It is also interesting to note that at the End Times, in which we are living the Degree and the intensity of the Anointing has increased tremendously, as foretold by  Prophet Joel, and this Power of God is witnessed by the people in the entire world everyday, through the mass communication media such as TV, Internet etc. 


The purpose of this brief article is to let the readers know that God, has in His infinite wisdom, put the people to work to develop particularly 5 major kinds of technologies, which are used universally all over the world, to facilitate and to speed up the process of reaching the whole world, with the Gospel at a tremendous speed and at a negligible cost.


1.    Printing Technology: In the human history, which spans  about 6000 years, according to the records in the Bible, only about a century ago, man invented a printing press which has made it possible to print books and literature, which has been widely used in a large scale to disseminate in a massive scale at a cost that everyone can afford.  Interestingly, the first book that was ever printed was “The Bible” and the statistics reveal that more copies of Bible have been printed than any other book and further, it is interesting to note that the Bible, have been translated and printed in more languages than any other book.   It is needless to say, that through the printing technology Bible, Gospels, Christian Books and Literature are printed in massive scale and distributed globally to every corner of the earth.  This Gospel of the Kingdom shall reach the ends of the earth, was not an exaggerated statement, but a Prophetical statement foretold, several thousand years ago. 


2.    Construction Technology: Another major technology which has not only grown rapidly from the beginnings of times and particularly during the last few centuries, which has resulted in construction of massive huge auditoriums, stadiums etc., has made it possible for literally hundreds and thousands of people to gather together at the same time, to hear the Gospel, which is preached, using microphones and speakers.  I cannot think of even a small town, where there is no football ground or a stadium that can hold 5000 or 10,000 people at the same time, where Gospel Meetings are held.  Even though the motivation may have been different while building such stadiums using modern construction technology. Interestingly, tens of thousands of movie theatres which were constructed during the last several centuries as beautiful auditoriums in massive scales, are now being used as Churches and Auditoriums for preaching Gospel, since the TV media literally started reaching the homes of the people directly making the movie theatres superfluous. 


3.    Transportation Technology: The great commission gave a mandate to the Disciples of Jesus Christ, to go into all the world, and preach the Gospel, which certainly required a fast, efficient and a more sophisticated transportation system by land, water and air. Amazingly in this realm, even in our times, during the last few centuries, incredible progress have been made in terms of reaching the un-reached places, transporting people in huge numbers, with luxury and comfort, at a tremendous speed.  Even though a few centuries ago, many pioneer missionaries have tirelessly traveled for weeks and months to reach some nations at tremendous risks to their lives, the speed at which the transportation technology has grown has made it possible to travel anywhere now, in this world, at an affordable cost and in a short span of time.  None of these technological developments in the Printing, Construction and Transportation, was just an accident, but in the context of the End Time Prophecies, we can see the hand of God in it, for the fulfillment of His perfect plan, of Salvation.


4.    Communication Technology: The development of the communication technology which has taken place during the last century at a rapid pace is incredible, and particularly radio/ television/satellite broadcasting, computer systems, telephones wireless/cordless, cell phones etc., is certainly God’s Plan and Will.  Surely the communication technology is playing a very important role in reaching the people all over the world, right in their living rooms with the Gospel.


5.    Management Technology: While it is still debated whether Management is an art or a science, there is in the maze of the writings about the Management art and science, we can recognize something that we can identify as the management technology.  I believe that it is the ultimate technology which can help individuals with the knowledge of  the latest management technology, science and principles, to do any task of any magnitude and complexity, in a very systematic, orderly and cost effective way, with guaranteed results.  As the world, becomes more and more sophisticated, it has become more essential to use more sophisticated management principles and sciences, to integrate a wide variety of materials, technologies and other variables, in a predetermined fashion and sophistication, to achieve the desired results, with astounding precision. Just like technologies are used in complex scientific fields like medicine, military operations, space, science etc., the Churches and the Para-Church Organizations can use sophisticated management technologies to maximize the results of the utilization of their monetary, material and man power resources by using the management technology. 


It is not possible to get into any depth about these technologies in a small article like this, but the writer will be immensely pleased and excited, if the readers would just consider exploring the use of all of these sophisticated and yet easily affordable and understandable technologies, which are available to us now!


- The End -