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"Enjoying and Enriching our Life Every Day!"
By Dr. John Williams

Introduction: Every Day, if you do any or all of the following you will Enjoy and Enrich your life Every Day!

1. Enjoy Reminiscing and Listing the Memorable Moments of your Past Life
2. Enjoy Displaying Photos, Charts or Models depicting those Memorable Moments
3. Enjoy Chalking out Great Plans or Goals to Spend Every Minute of the Day
4. Enjoy Decorating your Home or Work Environment
5. Enjoy Organizing all your Things in a Systematic Way
6. Enjoy Setting Goals for each Month, Year and for 5 Years
7. Enjoy Writing a Daily Diary of Your Life, thanking the Lord for those Special Blessings
8. Enjoy Making a Daily or Weekly Plan for your Diet and Exercise
9. Enjoy Making a Schedule for a Week, Month, and Year for doing Special Activities, Programs or Projects
10. Enjoy Preparing and Doing Your Daily List of Work
11. Enjoy Searching and Finding 5 Spiritual Laws from the Bible, Add to your List and Start Applying them
12. Enjoy Making a Creative Plan in some area of your life every Day and pursue it
13. Enjoy Cleaning or Polishing something to Renew and Brighten it
14. Enjoy Doing some thing Creatively in some Area of Your Work or Hobby
15. Enjoy Writing a chapter of a Book or an Article
16. Enjoy Displaying Conspicuously Some Charts Depicting your Goals and indicating the Degree of Attainment

Conclusion (If you do them all, or whatever and as much as you can do every day, your Life will be Enriched beyond any Description and Limit!)

Every Day!

The purpose of writing this book is to demonstrate, and to help everyone to enjoy and enrich their lives every day, to the highest level. A 24 hour day is a very significant segment of our life span. I heard many working people say as they leave for work in the morning "Another day!"

A day of 24 hour span should not be taken lightly and should not be spent unwisely. In a 24-hour time frame considered as a "Day", God created something fascinating, marvelous and significant. As we read in the Book of Genesis in the first two Chapters, God created in each day something very specific, creative and significant, and at the end of each day when he saw what he had created, he himself marveled at it, and said it was good!

We should not take each day of our life for granted and should not just begin just wondering what that day has for us. We should rephrase this statement by saying, "What is the greatest thing that I can do or achieve today" or "How can I put the 24 hours of today to the best use". Each day should be taken as a privilege, blessing, opportunity and challenge!

We should be first of all thankful that God has added another day in our life when many, probably, did not have the privilege to enter into this new day. Unless we have a meaningful plan and purpose for each day, the chances are that the time will slip away so easily and so fast, that perhaps we would not achieve anything significant, good or worthwhile.

There is a saying that yesterday is gone, there is no guarantee about tomorrow, and all we have is "today"! In a day God has compressed 24 hours as segments, and each hour is further divided into 60 minutes, and every minute is further divided into 60 seconds. Therefore, all together there are 86400 seconds in a span of one day. We should be conscious of the fact that the clock will tick/click every second, whether we do anything worthwhile or not, and the time has a tendency to just slip away whether we are conscious of it, or not.  Looking at it from a different prospective, every great thing that was achieved or great events that took place was on a particular day, which can be recognized, remembered and even rejoiced over.

Everyday must be memorable, thrilling, exciting, enjoyable, fulfilling, meaningful, significant, special, worthy of remembrance and satisfying. Therefore, a day should not be taken lightly or taken for granted, but we should realize that God has added another day in our life, (as the song goes, “This is the day that the Lord has made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it”) not only for us to enjoy, but also for us to fulfill his plan and destiny for that day.

We should think of a day in segments of hours, minutes and even seconds, and plan to spend each segment or time span of the day in a meaningful, useful and enjoyable way. It is vital that we all have a daily plan, and we should even have hourly plans. We cannot afford to let an hour slip away in our life without accomplishing anything worthwhile. In this context, I think it will be fitting to throw in another word, which is "Accountability" and "Stewardship". Not only do we have an accountability, to our employer for the working hours, but we have an accountability or responsibility for our free or discretionary time also, for our family, God, neighbors, country and those in need.

It is also important that special, significant and certain days like Sunday, which God has sanctified as a day of rest, should be properly planned and spent, to do justice for those days, and to celebrate them or observe them in a particular fashion depending upon the significance of that day.

Like the saying goes, “a penny spent is a penny lost”, which means that a day spent or wasted without doing anything worthwhile is a day wasted, which is a measurable and significant chunk of our life span.

Further, it is important to note, that it is possible and also we have the ability and the privilege to enjoy every day, by spending the time of each day in a way that it will not only give us a thrill, some joy, satisfaction or fulfillment, but also enrich our lives and take us to a higher level in several dimensions of our life, including health, strength, material riches or wealth, greater degree of skills or knowledge, and make us more spiritual, moral, wise, sympathetic, philanthropic etc, but also give us more fulfillment and joy.

When it comes to any spiritual area or dimension of our life such as Love, Joy, Peace, Long Suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness or Temperance, (Referred to in Galatians as, the fruit of the spirit, or the attributes or characteristics of God) or in other dimensions of God such as Love, Wisdom, Power, Riches or Creativity, we can grow higher or deeper, without any limits, and be more and more like God.

It is God’s plan that every one of us should become like God, and that is the reason why we have been created in the image and likeness of God, as a spiritual being, in order to do on this earth exactly what God is doing from heaven, and that is to rule and to exercise dominion over every thing in this world. We should not be controlled or influenced by anything in the environment, but we should control. The natural can be controlled by the supernatural or in other words, we should be naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural. Jesus, The Son God, demonstrated this fact by taking the form of a natural man and lived on this earth, suffered and died on the cross, shedding His precious blood for the remission of our sins and for our salvation, so that we can be born again spiritually as a son of God, and live a supernatural life on this earth and then inherit the kingdom of God. Further while living on this earth in our mortal human bodies, we can live a supernatural life like Jesus did on this earth during his life as a man, performing miracles and supernatural things. Interestingly when Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, he said that he was the resurrection and the life, indicating the potential he had in him. So also we have to know the potential that we have in various dimensions, since we are the children of God! Grow and realize your full potential.

Enjoy and Enrich your Life Every Day!!!!!!