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The World History from the time of Creation
by Rev. Dr. John Williams

In order to get a good understanding of the world history from the time of creation, the best book to read is the Bible, from the point of view of World History, and not just as a Christian Religious book.

The world history books which are available in the market do not cover the years 1- 4000 BC, and the interim period between the Old Testament and the New Testament, during which time Jesus Christ lived.

It is interesting to note that one can focus on the Kings and Kingdoms, the Patriarchs of the Bible, who were the leaders of that time, the prophets and their lives etc.

Another way of studying the history of the world during the time period is to focus on the Bible History, Bible Geography, the countries that existed during this period, the wars fought, the kingdoms overthrown, the tribes of people, who were driven out of their countries, who took journeys in the wilderness in large numbers even for as long as 40 years to reach the final destination as in the case of Israelites, the land promised by God namely the Canaan land. Full details of this journey including all the difficulties they had along their way are descriptively given in the Bible.

Further the constant relationship maintained by those who led this journey such as Moses and their constant relationship and communication with God, along the journey are also fully described.

The names of different tribes of people that existed in that time, the conflicts they had, and the relationships they maintained are also mentioned.

Another important point to note is some important buildings and monuments erected by them in various places during this time, even though many of them have been buried under the ground. Quite a few monumental structures are still in good shape and have been preserved well such as the pyramids, the Temple of Solomon, now called as the Temple of Israel. The names of the countries in existence and the topography of the lands still remains the same such as the boundaries of the countries of biblical times, the rivers, mountains, desserts etc. The names of the Kings, and their battles have been recorded in the Bible.

It should also be noted that wherever the term God is used in the Bible, it refers to only one God and that is Jesus Christ. Of course at many places references have been made about man made gods, in gold and silver while the Bible declares that God made men. It should be noted that there are no comments whatsoever in the Bible, specifically commenting about any of the other religions in existence today as false religions or man made religions. However, several references have been made in the current writings and literature about man's desperate search for God, like in the case of Buddha.

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