Article of the Month of October 2011
”Jewish History”
by Rev. Dr. John Williams

It is very important that we all know about Jewish History as presented in the Bible. We should note that even though God loves all people, and He is the Creator of the Universe, and every human and living being, for reasons given in the Bible, God gives special importance to the Jewish people and it seems like God is doing some special treatment to them, as the Jewish History reflects but it is a mystery that we cannot understand and explain. In spite of the fact that, that no other Tribe or Nation in the whole world, has gone through so much of persecution as they have.  Initially, they were driven out of the Canaan land, the Promised Land given to them clearly indicating the boundaries, which was as promised by God, a land flowing with milk and honey.

When Abraham led God’s children through the wilderness for 40 years, eventually they ended up in the Canaans land which is referred to as the land of the Jewish, and also as Palestine, with boundaries clearly marked and described and is located next to Egypt, surrounded by some specific land marks such as some seas, countries etc.

The Jews were initially wandering all over the world through the wilderness under the leadership of Abraham, and God wrought many miracles and supernaturally protected them. In spite of the fact, the people committed sins, disobeying God’s commandments and also paid a heavy price for it. Ultimately they reached the Promised Land, and occupied the full territory as described in the Bible, after wandering for 40 years.

During King Solomon’s time, Israel was divided into two and they also went through a lot of turmoil and persecution and further there was a division, and a conflict constantly between the Israel and the Palestinians which persists until today.

And this issue is now being referred to the United Nations  for forming a separate and independent nation for Palestinians, which will certainly encroach the God given territories to the Israelites. Very soon we are going to witness as to how this long lasting political issue of giving a legal status and a formation of a separate country of Palestine with the approval of the United Nations, will take place, if it ever happens.

This is just an introduction to the pending issue, but more details will be provided in the subsequent issues of the Anointing Magazine

- The End -