The Mystery of 'Tsunami'?
By Dr. John Williams
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Even though tsunamis have erupted and caused havoc in different parts of the world in the past, it is not something that we talk about much or worried about. Because, compared to other kinds of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, forest fires, thunders, lightening etc., the occurrence of tsunamis are less frequent and rare.

The purpose of this article is to particularly take a serious look at the cause and effect of tsunamis with reference to the most recent and rigorous tsunami which hit about 7 countries in Southeast Asia, and has caused the deaths of more nearly 200,000 people, in addition to the extensive and irreparable damage to the properties on shore, the boats and equipments of fishermen and some valuable properties situated in the shores of the sea.  Of course, the loss of human lives, is the greatest tragedy, which went to the extent of totally wiping out many families, and in killing some of the family members, leaving the rest of them alive. But those who are alive are really shattered by the loss of their family members as well as their homes and livelihood.

Having given a general introduction to this article in the foregoing paragraphs, let us concentrate in this article about  the views and reaction of various groups of people who try to explain it in a number of ways.

It is needless to spend much time on this viewpoint because the scientists have done extensive research and studies on this natural phenomenon causing catastrophic effects and grave consequences. What has been reported by the media are well documented, and that does not seem to have any controversial views concerning this natural event. Looking into the history, we can literally count the number of tsunamis of some significance, that have hit some parts of the world, because the occurrences have been rare and sporadic. According to the scientists, there are some regions of the world that are more prone or vulnerable to such tsunamis to occur than the other regions of the world. As a result of some extensive and in-depth research done by the scientists who study tsunamis, some highly technological equipments and devices have been developed and set up in some strategic locations, to give early warnings of possible eruptions of tsunamis.  Further, we should note that such devices have not been set up in all the regions of the world where the incidence of tsunamis is highly probable, for reasons of prohibitive financial costs.  It is also possible that tsunamis have been given lesser priority compared to other more important needs. 


A philosopher may probably explain a tsunami as something that occurs naturally and we human beings living on this earth, have to live with it and take it as something that is natural even though it may not occur frequently and perhaps, just take it as their misfortune, if they are affected by it. 

We have been exposed to various viewpoints concerning tsunamis, which were expressed in the television network and other media, by various politicians with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  Generally speaking, the Politicians try their best to be careful to ensure that they do not offend any religious or other groups in a delicate situation like this. Instead of speculating the causes of tsunami and the role and the responsibility of God in this horrible disaster, from the religious perspective,  they just express their concern and feelings about the urgency of taking necessary steps to save the lives of people whose lives are still in jeopardy, and those people who are missing.  Further their concern and actions are directed towards providing humanitarian services, medical aid, etc. to those who survived this disaster, as expeditiously as possible. This effort requires raising of enormous amounts of money to provide food, medical aid, shelter, clothing, water, etc., and through their publicity and appeal, significant progress has been made in this direction, which should be appreciated.

The News Reporters drag into their TV programs, leaders of different religions, to question them, and to put them on the spot, to explain an event like this, from their religious viewpoints.  However, the politicians do not take sides with any particular religious group but simply try to elucidate the views and the feelings of those men who represent some of the major religions of the world, with a hope to find some kind of consolation through their words of comfort.

The general response of the religious leaders who are questioned by the news media about the role of God, in terms of causing it or not stopping it, they tend to answer the questions posed to them, without any specific reference from their Holy or Religious Books. They generally respond in general terms implying that they do not have a specific answer or a rational explanation that would adequately satisfy and answer the questions raised by the people at large.

The general trend seems to be that none of these religious leaders neither blame God for causing it, allowing it or not preventing it, but at the same time, they try to comfort and console the bereaved family members in some way.

Now let us try to find an explanation or a reason for a situation like this in the context of tragedies, destruction, losses, agony, deaths of family members, the confused and worried state of mind of the survivors who have not still recovered fully from the shock and effect of the tsunami.

In the minds of every tsunami victim there is a question about God's role and intervention in a situation like this, in averting it before the occurrence or saving the lives of the multitude of people and their belongings from this catastrophic destruction after the incidence.  Perhaps some of the following rational explanations given below will be acceptable to various groups of people in this world:

? There is no God

? If there is a God, He does not normally do anything against the nature, because nature is something that God permits to take its own course.

? If there is a God, He allowed it to happen for some reasons of His own, which is beyond the human comprehension. 

? God has predestinated the future of every human being on the face of the earth and nothing can go against his will and destiny

? Since God is generally considered to be a Just and a Good Person, He would have His own justifiable cause for allowing such a calamity to hit the world, which has caused an irreparable damage. Even though it may sound unjust, in the long run this event will have very little or no significance.

? We have no right to question God for anything that He does, but to just accept it in reverence and faith.

 We can come up with any number of such explanations to rationalize the attitude and position of God towards this tsunami, but it will not be satisfactory and convincing.  

The Biblical view is presented below in terms of what the Bible says, which explanation may or may not be acceptable to everyone, but that is perhaps the best explanation that we can find and have some comfort in.

? God is the creator of the whole world including the seas surrounding the land and the core of the earth [which includes minerals, clay, water, larva, heat etc.]

? God has set in motion several natural laws and phenomenon which are self regulated, while at the same time, natural disasters do happen as a result of certain kinds of conditions which are created naturally, and result in rain, hail, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, etc.

? God created men and women and put them on this planet in this kind of  natural surroundings which are subject to the natural disasters as described above, which are referred to by men as the 'Acts of God' for the simple reason that man is not able to pinpoint any specific reason for these kinds of occurrences, which will be universally acceptable.

? Looking back into the Bible history, we can come across literally hundreds of supernatural and catastrophic events of great magnitude, which have taken place as a result of the wrath or vengeance of God, when the people repeatedly disobeyed God's laws and ordinances, in spite of repeated warnings that were given to them by the servants of God.  Some of such events are listed below:

1. The Great Flood that destroyed the world by a continuous downpour of rain from heaven for forty days and forty nights, because according to the Bible, the imagination of every man was wicked and evil, except Noah who walked with God and was a righteous man. Therefore, God saved him and his family through an ark which God instructed him to build according to His plan, and destroyed the whole world and all the living creatures.

2. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire and brimstone, because the people that lived in those two cities were wicked and sinful and particularly, because they engaged in Homosexuality which was an abomination to God. 

3. The Ten Plagues that were brought upon Egypt by Moses during the reign of Pharaoh when he disobeyed God by not delivering God's children [Israelites] from the captivity and bondage in Egypt they were in for many years.  These plagues included:

? Turning the water in the sea and all the other water reservoirs into blood

? Causing the rivers to bring forth frogs abundantly and to go into the houses and even into the bed chambers and upon the beds of the Egyptians.

? Smiting the dust of the land to become lice throughout all the land of Egypt

? Causing grievous swarm of flies to go into the houses of all the Egyptians

? Causing all the cattle of Egypt to die

? Causing boils to break forth with blains upon men and the beasts

? Causing the rain to pour continuously with grievous hail

? Causing locusts in large numbers to invade Egypt and to eat all the trees, plants and grass

? Causing darkness to cover the entire land of Egypt for 3 days

4. When the children of God, in the Old Testament times, on one occasion, instead of worshiping the true and living God, disobeyed his commandment and deliberately "worshiped idols or images", God caused the land on which the people were standing to split wide open and to swallow those people alive, and made the land cover up the opening thereafter.

5. When the sinners of the world who did not believe in God, revolted against the Kings appointed by God and attacked them, God caused those people to be smitten and killed mercilessly and for their homes with the families to be captured, ransacked and set on fire.

6. There has been numerous instances recorded in the Bible about fire coming down from heaven and consuming a multitude of people; and hails of huge proportion falling from heaven, destroying people in great numbers for disobeying God.

7. When the Philistines rebelled against God and persecuted Samson, God restored back to him, the supernatural strength that he lost when he fell for Delilah. At this critical time, when he prayed to God for strength, he regained his former strength back with which he destroyed thousands of Philistines who had gathered in a massive structure, by shaking and pulling down the pillars on which the entire building rested. This resulted in the death of a multitude of people.

8. During the journey of the children of Israel through the wilderness for forty years, under the leadership of Moses to start with, on numerous occasions, God's wrath was poured upon his people when they repeatedly neglected the Commandments of God and indulged in sinful practices. God has caused mass destruction of such people instantaneously.

9. In the New Testament Times, when Ananias and Saphira lied to God's servant about the proceeds of the land they sold, God made them drop dead on the spot.

10.It is important to mention what the Bible says about the End Time events which will take place at the end of the world, both as a sign and as a severe penalty for ignoring God and his statutes, and living in sin, deliberately and defiantly.  These examples are listed in the concluding paragraph.  It is important to note, that in the human history, several disastrous and catastrophic events have happened. Further, it is mentioned in the Book of Revelation that something far more frightening events are in store for the people on this earth at the End Times, which we are fast approaching according to the End Time prophecies.



What has happened in the incident of the Tsunami that hit some nations in Southeast Asia, should be just taken as a warning signal, to face the End Times, and the Final Judgment of God, even though there may have been many innocent victims in this gruesome and terrible event. Many of the victims may not really deserve such a catastrophic and sudden death.  However, we should understand the fact that somebody has to pay the price for the blessings of others, but God in His infinite love and wisdom has allowed this to happen.   To redeem the sinners from the penalty of sin, God sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to come into this world in the form of man to die on the cross as a ransom. Perhaps this unfortunate event, Tsunami that took place now will serve as a warning to those who are indulging in sinful, criminal, terrorist and unlawful activities all over the world.

We should also be aware of the fact that the Bible (in the Book of Revelation) has specifically listed a series of events that will take place before the end of this world.

 The 'Seven Trumpet Judgment' mentioned in the book of Revelation, will be executed as per God's plan which according to the End Time Prophecies seem to be very near. Some of the specific details of the kinds of events that are going to take place are given below:

1. Hail and fire mingled with blood being cast upon the earth and the third part of trees and all green grass being burnt up.

2. A great mountain burning with fire and being cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea becoming blood, the third part of the creatures in the sea dying, and the third part of the ships being destroyed.

3. A great star burning as a lamp and falling upon the rivers, resulting in water becoming wormwood causing men to die when they consume it.

4. One third of the sun being smitten and the third part of the moon and stars as well resulting in one third of the globe getting utterly dark followed by a loud voice coming from an angel saying ' Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth.'

5. A star fell from heaven onto the earth and the fifth angel was given the key to the bottomless pit.  John the writer of the book of Revelation, saw this angel open the bottomless pit from which arose smoke like coming from a great furnace and the sun was darkened by this smoke. Further he saw locusts coming out of the earth which was given power as scorpions of the earth.  These scorpion- like locusts were instructed not to kill the men with a seal on their foreheads but to torment them for five months.

6. The sixth angel was instructed to slay the third part of men.

7. The seventh angel proclaimed that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord  and he shall reign forever and ever. 

? The 'Seven Vial Judgment' mentioned in the book of Revelation, will be fulfilled as indicated below:

1. Grievous sore came upon those who worship the images

2. Poured out a vial upon the sea which caused the sea to become as the blood of the dead man causing every living soul in the sea to die.

3. The next vial caused the waters of rivers and fountains to become blood

4. This vial poured upon the sun which gave the sun the power to scorch all men with fire.

5. The next vial caused full darkness to cover the earth, at this time, the people blasphemed God because of the severe pain and sores but they repented not for their wicked deeds.

6. The sixth angel poured a vial upon the river Euphrates which caused it to dry up, so that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared.  Three unclean spirits like frog came out of the mouth of dragons and the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, who were getting ready to gather to fight in the Battle of Armageddon.

7. A great voice came from heaven like thunders and lightnings, followed by great earthquakes which caused the great city divide into three parts at which time, great hail fell upon the people from heaven and every hail stone weighed about a talent, when the men again blasphemed God.

While it is impossible to explain and track down the specific reasons for the recent tragedy that hit one segment of the world, affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and damaging the properties and livelihood of those who are alive, some of the explanations given in this article from the past history of human beings from beginnings of times, and what has been predicted as the events of the End Times, which are referred to as 'Terrible Times,' it should not be too shocking for anyone to overcome or understand and to see clearly the pattern in which God is operating, and how He is taking his people to the glorious eternity, exercising His best judgment and discretion, which will get the attention of the people so that they can repent for their sins, ask for God's forgiveness and live a holy and righteous life, so that they can be eventually be with God in heaven eternally!

-The End-