Title of the Article
God has created man in His own image and after His likeness
by Patriarch Rev. Dr. John Williams
President IICM Inc., Florida, USA

The purpose of this article is to let everybody know that we have the potential to do what God is doing or capable of doing, while unfortunately not even 10 percent of the people are realizing even one percent of their potential. Basically it is because of the lack of knowledge of what they are capable of doing even though they have been created in the image and likeness of God. Creativity is one of the most important attributes of God, the whole universe and everything about what has happened in it. We also know how everything has been meticulously coordinated to function without any problem or conflict. Any person who has read the whole Bible will know about everything that has happened in a span of 6000 years from the time of creation of the world. But before the world was created lot of things were happening in this universe for a span of time immemorial which cannot even be condensed in a book of any size. Just to give an example there is evidence that millions of years ago different kinds of prehistoric animals existed and their fossils are still available and some of them of have been preserved in museums. Therefore this cannot be disputed. Of course the first man that was created on the planet earth was Adam, about 6000 years ago in the Garden of Eden which is located near the river named Euphrates and Tigris, which in our present day are in the territory of Turkey.

Every fact or piece of information recorded in the Bible is true and it cannot be disputed because there is ample evidence to substantiate it. It is also true that God created Eve, to be a companion to Adam, because he thought it was not good for the man to be alone and He wanted Eve to be a helpmate to Adam. Further there are archaeological, historical, geographical and other evidences to substantiate everything that is recorded in the Bible.

The fact that man is endowed with God's attribute of creativity to do anything that we can imagine.  This is literally true and this can be seen in the world by the way everything has developed. We can easily distinguish those things which have been created by God like mountains, seas, forests, birds, human beings, animals, natural resources etc., and what man has created such as buildings, homes, riches, transportation media such as automobiles, ships, planes etc. and all the other kinds of things that we have on earth which are too numerous to mention, which reflects the fact that man has the creativity like God, because man has been created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore it is so vital and important that man should fully understand the fact that God has created man in His own image and after His likeness with abilities to imagine, design, create and operate anything as the saying of the world goes “what a man can imagine he can do”.

The Bible says that Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which implies that we are the Kings and we are the Lords. While we are living on this earth we should be living like Lords with dignity, power, wealth, authority, riches, leadership skills and other assets such as servants, mansions, transportation media, all the gadgets and the comforts of life. While we are living on this earth that should be our status, capability, in the millennium after we leave this earth and go to heaven we will be literally Kings, because Jesus is the King of Kings and the entire world will be ruled by us, and each one us will be given a country, town or a territory to rule and exercise dominion over it. What our status is during the millennium depends upon our faithfulness in executing the assignments given to us in this earth and to enjoy the status God has given. But unfortunately the people on this earth are not living as Lords, as explained already which is really unfortunate and it is because of lack of knowledge of their status, rights, skills etc.

(This article will be continued in the next issue and then into a book which will revolutionize the lives of people on this earth to realize their potential while they are in earth by living like Lords and in heaven living as Kings ruling the earth along with Jesus Christ.)