Every Successful Management Principle
is based on Biblical Truths or Principles

By Rev. Dr. John Williams

I. Introduction
During my professional career, I have spent about 23 years in teaching management and law courses, in several universities in America. My educational background includes amongst other degrees, a degree in Science, Law and a Ph.D. in Management. I should also mention here that ever since I resigned my secular job, until today, I have been offering my services to churches and para-church organizations all over the world in at least 100 key cities, in more than 50 cities of the world, conducting Management training programs, both for the government and business organizations as well as for churches and major Christian organizations. With this background that I have, I want to bring it to the attention of the readers, ever since I started preaching the gospel and conducting pastors and leadership training programs, I discovered the fact that every key management principle that is being successfully used in the government and business sectors, has a scriptural basis or foundation.

II. Some Recognized, Well Accepted and Successful Management Principles
There are scores of definitions for the term 'Management.' Management is defined as a process of 'planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.' Besides several functions that we find in this definition, there are several other important management functions which are listed below under the five main management functions:

1. Planning

2. Organizing

3. Staffing

4. Directing

5. Controlling