Internet Anointing Magazine of IICM
By Patriarch John Williams
(Founder/President of International Institute of Church Management of NY/INDIA)

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Article of the Month
by Patriarch. John Williams
One can be very effective and successful in the Ministry of their Calling: 

By Being well versed in Word of God 

By Receiving the Revelation Knowledge of the Word of God 

By Being Anointed Richly by the Holy Spirit 

By Obeying the Word of God 

By Operating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

By Appropriating the Promises of God by Faith 

By Demonstrating the Characteristics of Jesus (by bearing the Fruit of the Spirit) 

By Having a close Relationship with God 

By Flowing with the Holy Spirit and being Led by the Holy Spirit 

By Living a Holy and Righteous Life 

By Having Peace, Joy and Courage all the times 

By Getting a Multitude of Godly Counsel
Things to be Avoided:

Just copying or repeating what others are doing

Doing what others are just because it is attractive and profitable

Duplicating Ministries where it is not needed

Getting Pride or being Proud when there is success in the Ministry

Continuing to live in Sin

By being attracted by the glamour and popularity in Ministry

Not entering into a Covenant relationship with God by seeking popularity in fame

By living in Sin

Making exaggerated statements about the status, size and results of the Ministries

Not performing on stage, seeking popularity

Not using mass communications or marketing strategies to attract more members or disciples in their Ministries rather than for Jesus

Not having Jurisdictional disputes

Not striving to make the Ministry big in terms of number of members and the amount of Revenue

Building ones own Kingdom and not God's Kingdom

Using more staff, revenue and resources for interior decorations and expansions of their own Ministries and Facilities
  of their Infrastructure

Being internally oriented and not externally oriented

Not being missions minded in terms of supporting foreign missions as much as they should

Getting involved in Foreign Missions as a tokenism and capitalizing on it to achieve their own  Goals by making to much of propaganda and making exaggerated and false claims

Not trusting or treating equally God's Servants of other cultures even though their integrity and ministry are unquestionably genuine

Having a tendency to develop their own ministry center of operations in overseas rather than supporting or network with other ministries through whom more can be accomplished at a much lower cost

Secluding and Isolating their ministry, if they can operate successfully with their own 

Competing with other ministries to get a greater share of funds, members, followers and supports

Keeping for decades, the members of the Church and exploding them without developing, equipping and releasing them to be engaged in a more meaningful and fulfilling ministry

Not having a Spiritual Father or not taking a multitude of counsel

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