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The World History from the time of Creation Part 2
by Rev. Dr. John Williams

According to Bible, the world in the form in which it is today was created in the year 4000 BC.  The last 211 years during the period of AD what all happened in terms of formation of nations, wars between nations, developments of technologies, products and services that took place are covered to a large extent in the literature that are available in the world today, even though it may not be a continuous, complete and an exhaustive.  In this context we should note that, the time period of 31 years of the duration of the life of Jesus Christ, is neither covered in the Old Testament nor is it covered in the New Testament.  Perhaps no one has wondered about this significant point. Since what all happened during the Old Testament times that is from 4000 BC to 1 AD covered in detail, the world history, the world geography, the development of nations, the wars that took place in nations, the lives of Patriarchs, including Matriarchs, the Kings that ruled different nations, the Prophets that God, raised to prophecy the events that will follow in the world in the future etc., are covered exhaustively and completely.

The New Testament period starting from 1 AD until now and that is what all happened after the Death of Jesus Christ, has been covered in the literature that is published during the last 211 years.  But it may not be a continuous documents but certainly it covers a significant portion of the developments of culture, the distribution of population from one part of the world to all nations, the wars that were fought between the nations of the world, the technological developments that took place, the languages and the scripts that developed, the civilizations that developed in various nations, the development of sophisticated life styles in different cultures of different nations, the developments of different modes of transportations from the old fashioned ones to the most sophisticated and modern means of transportation that are used now, from carts and rickshaws to most sophisticated aircrafts, ships, sub marines, trains, subway systems up to rockets that are sent to the moon.

In the modern literature that is available in our times may have bits and pieces of information that are covered in the list of things mentioned above.

Having stated various things that happened in the Old Testament times during the span of 4000 years BC and during the span of 2000 years AD we should not forget to recognize the fact that there is a gap between these two periods, which is a period of 31 years which is a life span of Jesus Christ, which is exactly the life span of Jesus Christ, because as we know he lived for a period of 31 years before he was crucified from the time of his birth in the manger of Bethlehem.  Interestingly the Bible covers this span of 31 years representing the period during the Jesus Christ lived is recorded meticulously in detail with ample illustrations and geographical locations in which he was born, grow up, ministered and finally crucified on the cross on the Mount Calvary.  until now hundreds of group of people take a tour of the Holy Land to visit all significant places where Jesus lived, ministered performing miracles and healings, the places where he walked and ministered giving messages with striking illustrations, parables in a language that any common man can understand while at the same time performing healing and miracles of great significance which are recorded in the Bible, with clarity and accuracy indicating the exact locations cannot be disputed by any body. Further there is ample historical and archaeological evidences prove everything recorded in the gospels of the New Testament cannot be disputed or questioned by anyone.

With this introduction we are going to launch out to and go into the details of everything recorded in the above three time frames recorded in the Bible, and this is what we are referring to in the title of this book as the "World History as recorded in the Bible".


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