A Special Article Featured for the Month of February 2011
“With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my Salvation" Psalm 91:16
by Dr. John Williams

Even though God created man to live for ever and ever, and never to die, only because of the violation of God’s commandment not to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden, the life span of man was shortened to 120 years, and to die within that time. As we note in the Bible, prior to this penalty was imposed on man, the men of God lived even for more than 900 years.  Even today a man or a woman has the capacity to live even up to 120 years, because of the curse of the God, and violations of other laws of God, people die before they attain 100 to 120 years.
Looking at it in a positive way, we can assume that anyone could expect to live up to 100 to 120 years, if they strictly follow the laws of God. In one sense a span of 100 to 120 years is a short time compared to the infinite years of the universe.  However, people do not even have the confidence to live up to 120 years. When a person attains 60, he or she should feel that they have attained only 50 percent of their life span.  Even though 100 years of life span may be a short time in one sense, it is a fairly long time for a human being to live and to achieve great things as per God’s Plan.  The most important thing however, is to achieve God’s plan, purpose and will within the individuals life span. 

When a person feels weak and wonder if he or she would live up to at least 100 years, they should be reminded of fact that the promise of God, which is “I will satisfy you with long life (which is approximately 50 years) and show you my salvation”.

In closing I would urge every reader of this article to believe that they will live at least up to 100 years if they would obey the laws of God, and attempt to achieve God's will and purpose for their respective lives, and also live free from sin!! 

                                                             - E N D -