Biblical Principles and Management Principles
By Dr. John Williams

Every sound successful management principle used in this world is based on a biblical principle. We should recognize the fact, that God, who created the universe and the world in it, is using a set of principles to manage and govern the whole universe.

God has a long term and short term plan so far as the world and the people in it are concerned. From the time of creation of this world for 4000 years, referred to in the bible as B.C. [before Christ], everything that happened on the planet earth has been recorded in the Old Testament. We can note that God raised kings and judges to rule the world according to his plan. Until the birth of Jesus Christ on this earth, God exercised control over the governance and management of the world. According to his perfect plan, God came to this world in the form of a human being, and was born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago as the son of Mary. Jesus was born in this world with a plan and that was to die on the cross and to shed his blood for the remission of sins of the world. All the prophecies concerning the birth and death of Jesus were literally fulfilled and he made a way for man to receive forgiveness for his sins, so that he can go to heaven after his death and have eternal life in the presence of God.

It is not the purpose of this article to go into the details of the ways in which Jesus Christ, the son of God, was repeatedly coming on the human scene on the planet earth to demonstrate something significant and to exercise his influence, to ensure that everything was in order and all the human beings on the planet earth will truly repent for their sins to receive forgiveness in order that they may inherit the kingdom of God, and live in heaven in the presence of God in peace and joy forever and ever.

The last two paragraphs bring out the fact that our God has a plan, which includes the short term and long term plan, and when he created the planet earth, he did it in such a way that the earth will be self-regulating, self-sustaining and everything will be in order through Godís master plan and as we read through the bible, we can review the entire human history from the time the first man, Adam, was created in the Garden of Eden until now when we see the signs of the End Times which clearly indicate that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is very near.

From this we have to recognize the fact that our God always has a perfect plan, an organization to execute it. The earthly and the heavenly creatures have been created and entrusted with some responsibility to ensure that Godís perfect plan is executed eventually, to execute his judgment by rewarding the good and punishing the evil and the disobedient. All the news that is flashing in front of the very eyes of the people today, and reported in details in the news media, proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that our God is a manager of the whole universe and nothing can escape from the knowledge and control of God. Therefore, we should realize that when we diligently study the bible, the Word of God, we can also know the truth. When we follow the truth, we can escape Godís wrath and punishment for our evil acts and inherit the kingdom of God and live in peace in the presence of God forever and ever. So also when we manage the affairs of this world according to the laws and teachings of God, we can maintain harmony and peace in this world and there will be justice, order, peace and abundance of supplies for all the needs of every living creature, particularly human beings, who have been created as the children of God. It is therefore necessary that we recognize all the management principles of God himself, and submit ourselves to Godís law and live according to his teachings and laws.

Nothing that God does is wrong, unjust, improper, haphazard, without a good reason or purpose, unscrupulous, unjust, without a plan or purpose, disorganized, without adequate and able persons or creatures to assist and execute, improperly directed, and uncontrolled, and incidentally these are the basic management functions which are performed by God or under his control and plan. God's ways are perfect. As the bible says God's ways are excellent, perfect and marvelous, but man's ways are evil, immoral, imperfect and wrongful. As the Bible says excellent are His ways and the decisions he makes and the judgments he executes are perfect!

                                                                                                              -The End-