Christ was Born on the Christmas Day!
by Dr. John Williams

"Mary will bring forth a son, and you shall call him Jesus, for He will save his people from their sins" (Matthew 1:21) Introduction Christmas is being celebrated around the world in the month of December every year, for nearly 2000 years. Christmas marks and reminds us about the Birth of Jesus Christ into this world. Jesus Christ, the Son of God came into this World to Save the Sinners. Jesus is God himself who took the form of a man and came into this World. Jesus whose mother, Mary, who was conceived of the Holy Spirit, was a man one hundred percent, and at the same time He was God one hundred percent.

The purpose of the Birth of Jesus Christ, was to Redeem the mankind from the Eternal Destruction (because the Bible says that the wages of sin is death, and all have sinned and come short of the Glory of the God) Jesus had to shed his Precious Sinless Blood to wash the Sins of the World. Forgiveness of Sins, Salvation and Eternal Life are the greatest gifts that any man can receive freely, because of the atoning work of Jesus Christ (who came into this world for this very purpose, and shed his blood for the remission of our sins and died on the cross, so that we can live forever and ever) This is the most Powerful Truth, which is recorded in the Bible and there is ample evidence to prove beyond any shadow of doubt regarding the Birth, the Life, the Ministry, the Death, the Resurrection, and the Ascension of Jesus Christ into the heaven. He has Promised to Return Back to this earth to establish His Kingdom of Peace, Joy and Righteousness in the Holy Spirit, for one thousand years, and to judge the sinners and reward the saints.

1. Why is Christmas Celebrated all over the World?
Christmas is celebrated all over the world, because of what Jesus did for the mankind, which can be summarized as follows: Because He Forgives our Sins when we Confess to Him and Truly Repent Because He Saves us from the Wages and Penalty of Sin, which is Death Because He has Assured us Eternal Life Because He has Promised to Reward us for our Good Works Because He is Preparing a Mansion in Heaven to dwell with Him for ever Because He Gives us the Joy and Peace of Salvation now, when we get saved Because He has Empowered us with the Holy Spirit to Overcome the power of the Enemy who is Satan Because He has Promised to give us Divine Health, Divine Protection, Divine Safety and Divine Prosperity Because He is in Control of the Whole Universe Because He is God Because He Loves us Because He is the only Hope for the Whole World Because He has Promised to Come Back and Take us to Heaven Because He has promised to Establish His Kingdom here on this Earth and Rule it for one thousand years, giving us Authority and Power to Reign and Rule with him

2. What should we know about Jesus Christ?
It is important that we have to know and believe every thing that is said in the Bible about Jesus Christ, including the following: The Old Testament Prophecies about the Birth of Christ The Birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem The Birth of Jesus Christ to Virgin Mary, who was espoused to marry Joseph The Angelic Announcement about the Birth of Jesus, both to Mary, Joseph and to the Shepherds. The Appearance of a Star in Bethlehem, which led the wise men to the Mangier in Bethlehem where the Baby Jesus was laid The Fulfillment of all the Prophecies made in the Old Testament about the Birth of Jesus Christ The Water Baptism that Jesus took in River Jordan and the Holy Spirit who descended upon Him at that time, like a dove and rested upon him The Voice that came from Heaven saying, this is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him The fact that Jesus debated with the Religious Leaders when he was only 12 years old about the scriptures, with Great Wisdom The Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ for three and half years on this earth The 12 Disciples that Jesus Recruited and Trained to continue His Ministry The Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and particularly His Sermon on the Mount The Healing, Deliverances and Miracles that He performed during His Ministry The Love and the Compassion He had for the Poor, the Sick, the Needy, the Afflicted and the Possessed The Righteous Indignation He had over the Religious Leaders who were jealous of their own traditions denying the Power of God The Sufferings of Lord Jesus Christ The Death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on the third day The Appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ to His Disciples and to many The Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ into heaven The Promise of Jesus to Return Back to this earth and to Reign and Rule this earth for one thousand years The Final Judgment, the Heaven and the Hell prepared for the Righteous and the Sinners

3. What can we receive through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ?
Peace and Joy Salvation and Eternal Life Divine Health and Healing Divine Prosperity Divine Protection and Safety Answers to all of our Prayers The Holy Spirit Divine Supplies and Provisions Every Promise of the Lord Jesus Christ Divine Guidance Divine Revelation of his Will and his Plans Miracles Supernatural Power Godly Wisdom His Love Creative Abilities and Skills.

4. What did Jesus do on this Earth when He Ministered here?
a. He Established His Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace and Joy
b. He Defeated Satan and stripped him of all of his power
c. He Translated the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light
d. He Made a way for all men to be Saved from the Penalty of Sin
e. He went about Doing Good everywhere
f. He Healed the Sick and Cast the Demons
g. He Taught the Word and Preached the Gospel
h. He Died so that we can have a life
i. He Became Poor so that we can Become Rich
j. He Carried all the Sins of the world so that we can be Counted Righteous
k. He Carried the Sickness of this world and received stripes on his back so that we can be Healed
l. He Suffered and Died he has made a provision for all of our needs to be met, to be forgiven of all of our sins and to have an Eternal Life.

 We celebrate Christmas because this was the greatest event that ever happened in the human history. Because through the Birth of Jesus Christ, we can receive all the Blessings that we need. Because it marks the Birthday of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and a Celebration of His Birth all over the world is fitting, appropriate and essential. Because people in this world should be reminded about Jesus through whom we can have Salvation and Eternal Life. Because this event will remind us again and again the Love of God which he demonstrated by sending His only Son Jesus to this earth as a sacrifice to save us and to give us Eternal Life. Because this gives an opportunity to everyone of us to be reminded to Proclaim and to Demonstrate the Love of Christ by loving our neighbors and by giving to the needy and the poor. Because this will remind us to Prepare Ourselves to be Worthy and Ready to meet Him when he returns!!!!!!!!!

-The End-