Article for Anointing- April 2008
"Nations shall Rise & Nations shall Fall"
by Dr. John Williams

As mentioned in the Bible, we can see in the world history, from the beginnings of times (4000 B.C.) when God created this world, in which we live now, people are very easily distracted by archaeological evidence such as bones of dinosaurs and other fossils which are discovered now and then. According to the scientific tests, probably dinosaurs existed some thousands or even millions of years ago. However, it is important to note that the Bible talks about this earth and covers events that took place on this planet from the time it was created by God as described in the Bible in 4000 B.C., until 29 A.D.. What happened before this period is not mentioned in the Bible and so also what has been happening since 29 A.D. approximately, has not been covered in the Bible. In the beginning, when God created this world, the Bible says that there was utter darkness and chaos. What existed before that time on the planet earth, whether the world was in the same or some other form, what happened to it, why it collapsed, how it became chaotic, gloomy and utterly dark, is not recorded in the Bible, and it is not important for us to know. Since we are living on this planet earth now, at this time, only what has been happening since the creation of this world in 4000 B.C., and what is going to happen to this world in the future is more important and relevant to us.

1. Early History of the World
During the Biblical era, who ruled the world under the leading and guidance of God, the names of Prophets, Kings and Judges who exercised authority over the people and their life style, is clearly mentioned in the Bible from the beginnings of times (from 4000 B.C.) until the death of Jesus Christ in approximately 29 A.D. The names of the countries and their locations, as well as their topography described in the Bible land, including the geography, mentioning the names of the terrain of this world such as mountains, forests, rivers, deserts etc. with their specific names that are mostly used to refer to them until today, and various tribes of people that lived through the years and the genealogy of some important servants of God, which also traces the lineage of Abraham, David etc. until the birth of Jesus, is clearly mentioned in the Bible with ample historical, geographical and archaeological proofs.

2. Early Trend of Powerful Nations
It is important to note particularly in the Old Testament times, how the nations and tribes fought each other; and how several nations rose and were in power, and even reached the zenith of its glory; how, because of the enormous wealth, power and dominion they had, the pride that gripped and took hold of them and caused them to be merciless and even brutal in dealing with people in general, and particularly in smaller, weaker and less developed nations of the world. The final result was that all these kingdoms and empires that rose from time to time in power and wealth, gradually lost everything and just became quiet nations, retreating from other countries they invaded, forcibly occupied and ruled.

3. History of Nations rising and falling during the recent few centuries
As per the title of this article the nations have been 'rising and falling' from the beginnings of times, until very recently when in the continent of Western Europe several countries like England, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain etc. started invading countries around the world to amass wealth and to bring slaves to work in their countries, to develop and to build their own countries. Just to cite a few examples concerning this, Holland which is relatively a very small nation in Europe, part of which rests on spikes over the sea, since the land area is so limited, using basically ships and canons, were able to travel to other nations, taking their army, canons, guns and ammunitions, and conquered even a nation like Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, the world's 5th most populous nation, and a country that is made up of 10,000 Islands, which is located in South East Asia, and ruled them for a few centuries. What happened to the nation of Holland now? It was forced to give independence to Indonesia when the nationals resisted, fought for independence. How true is the statement in the Bible that "nations shall rise and nations fall".

Through the history, and even in our times, we have witnessed several countries like Russia and even a small country like Japan invading many nations and occupied their lands, but the end was tragic, explosive, pathetic and sad, because they had to retreat back to their own territory.

It is needless to give more details about the aggressive moves made by other European nations, occupations of other countries, amassing of wealth and eventually retrieving back to their respective countries, and confining themselves, their activities and rulership within their limited land, and within their own national boundaries. 'Nations rose and nations fell' all through the history, as prophesied precisely and accurately in the Bible. After the fall and the rise of most of the nations mentioned already, this historic pattern of expansion of territories of one's own land, by aggressively invading the territories of other countries, and forcibly occupying and ruling them.

4. What is happening in America now?
However, as we hear through the news report every day, the country that grew in wealth at a rapid pace, during the last century, is none other than the United States of America.

This nation which is in the limelight, has drawn the attention of the whole world because of their forceful, aggressive and dynamic activities in the political, economic and technological realms. Certainly, America appears to be the number one nation in the world depending upon the set of criteria that we choose to evaluate the greatness or the success of a country. The Bible is very emphatic in stating prophetically as a warning signal that "nations will rise and nations will fall", and this has been the case of every nation that rose in power, wealth, technology etc.

What is happening now in America is really sad, unexpected and fast.
The political turmoil
Chaos and confusion that is prevalent in the United States
Moral degradation
Gradual economic collapse
The pride of the nation
Increasing numbers of a wide assortment of crimes
Large number and percentage of persons violating the laws of the nation, and
Indulging in shameful, criminal, immoral and dangerous activities which are reported in the news almost daily.

But there doesn't seem to be an awareness, remorse or fear about the indulgence or consequences of such acts which are resulting in moral, social, economic and geographic degradation and decay of the land of America.

5. Global Warming
'Global Warming' is the subject that is addressed by many in the recent times, because of the prevailing erratic climate in the United State that we have now, which is changing so rapidly at short intervals of time, with sudden and unexpected outbreak or eruption of:
Land slides
Forest fires
Breaking away of massive pieces of ice measuring several square miles from the Antarctic and Artic regions
Mass deaths of birds, fishes and animals
Falling of asteroids in large chunks from time to time etc.

6. Why do we have global warming
What is described as global warming is, probably because of:
Tampering with the nature created by God, and
Irregular and massive disposal of a wide variety of industrial waste and other trash materials (which are dumped in large quantities recklessly in water, land and forest to such a degree, that it not only pollutes and contaminates the environment but also causes unprecedented changes in the atmosphere surrounding the earth and in the land and the seas surrounding the land.

7. America is worried
People are afraid and worried how this cyclical event is going to end and normalcy, order and cleansing process will be restored to rejuvenate, refresh and restore the nature back to the state in which the world was, when it was created by God.

Through it all, there runs a common thread which is nothing but
Craze for materialism
Desire to enhance the standard of life
Increased technological inventions (to increase the comforts of life) and
Protection of America from its enemies (by developing and creating a large amount of dangerous and powerful weapons of warfare and building a massive army, navy and air force trained to use such weapons in a very scientific, orderly and precise manner in order to defend and protect itself from other nations which may strike USA with Nuclear weapons, if USA continues to send their troops to the middle eastern countries to restore peace in a country like Iraq and impose restrictions on building nuclear weapons of mass destruction by the neighboring countries.
The 'nations shall rise and the nations shall fall' is the prophecy of the Bible.

8.. America is slipping as God's Natural Laws are brushed aside or ignored
But as we can see clearly there is a great risk and danger to America being the country that is going to have a fall ultimately and very soon, because of:
Economic collapse
Geographic/natural disaster, because of global warming
Political turmoil
Moral degradation
Ignoring and discarding the ten commandments
Increasing crime rates
Abounding social evils
Technological developments
Tampering with the natural surroundings
Building high rise buildings as symbols of pride
Totally ignoring God and God's commandments
Violating God's laws
Committing sins like drinking water
Growing factions, divisions, and view points
Moral and spiritual degradation (because of the failure to instill moral and spiritual values into the minds of the people in the American societies, but instead exposing the people and children to a wide variety of movies and video games which has a serious negative and dangerous influence in the minds of the viewers)
Removing "Ten Commandments" from all public places, denying and defying the importance of them as important for mortaing and enforcing them as required moral, legal and expected standards of behavior.
Declaring it unlawful to pray in public schools
Drifting away from the Bible and Christian Values, upon which this nation was founded)
Continuing their pursuits to amass wealth
Printing on the coins "In God we trust" but actually trusting in 'money'
Increasing the standard of life and being materialistic not realizing the seriousness and dire consequence of pursuit of wealth and safety at any cost.

9. The Beginning of America's Fall
When the twin towers were hit in New York, which were the tallest towers/buildings in the world, which reminds us of the tower of Babel that was built in the biblical times, with the sense of pride to rise even higher than the heavens, when God confused and confounded the language of the people and foiled their plan and the attempt of the sinful people that lived at that time, so that they could not pursue their own plans and live a sinful life, ignoring, competing with God and even trying to excel God.

If any nation can be specifically considered as a nation that has been rising in all spheres of activities during the last several decades, it has been the United States of America.

10. There is a very slim line between Surpassing and Collapsing or being a Super Power or Powerless
According to the Bible prophecy which was always fulfilled very accurately, America is at the brim of a great destruction, because of the gross neglect of:
the Bible,
Bible Prophecies,
Bible warnings,
Moral degradation and abounding in Sinful Life

Giving lesser importance to Spiritual Things and more importance to Material Things etc
The word 'sin' is not even recognized, while the Bible says that the "wages of sin is death", and this word 'sin' is neither used in the vocabulary of the common people, legal system, courts of law, government and news reporters. Further, we should note that according to the Bible calendar, at the close of 6000 years from the time of creation of this world, the world will come to an end. According to the Bible, the people of God who are born-again will repent of their sins, accept Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, as the Lord and Savior of this world and the only true God who died on the cross of Calvary and shed his blood for the remission of sins; for the salvation of the people; and to rapture when Jesus Christ returns back to this earth. As prophesied in the Bible the Anti-Christ will emerge and rule this world for three and a half years successfully, and then begin to persecute the people and forcibly and mercilessly kill them if they do not deny Christ and worship him. Then Jesus will return back to this earth with the saints of God that were dead and the true Christians that are alive will rapture, to rule the world for one thousand years, after which the world will come to an end, and the sinners will be judged and cast into hell with Satan and the devils, which will be burning with fire and brimstone. Then the saints the saints of God will be with the Lord in heaven forever and ever.

Interestingly, the word 'Global Warming' is used by the scientists to describe a new and fast changes that are taking place in the world and its environment now, which they predict is going to bring the world to an end naturally through a series of changes in the world, described as "global warming". It has just been published, that in addition to all catastrophic changes and natural disasters taking place, before 2020 there is going to be a food shortage that will affect about 200 million people on earth, because of water shortage in some regions and flooding in other regions which will affect the cultivation and substantially curtail the harvest of crops. The pollution of air and water, lakes and sea; and atmosphere through industrial emission of toxic gas in the atmosphere; and careless and haphazard disposal of waste are causing them, as we know.

We cannot take water and air lightly since they are the life-lines of people, provided by God. People tend to think that through inventions and technological developments they can create a better world to live as they please, in sin and immorality, totally ignoring God's laws of righteousness and morality!

                                                                    - END -