International Institute of Church Management Inc., FL/PA, U.S.A.
238-240 West Main Street, Plymouth, Pennsylvania-18651, U.S.A.
(A branch of IICM Educational Trust, Chennai, INDIA which was established 1979)
 International Website:
Email ID: &

International Administrative Board of IICM:
Rev. Dr. John Williams (Founder/President of IICM)

Rev. Dr. George Vargis (Director of Christian Business Enterprises)

Rev. Dr.  Selvan Davis (Director of Conferences & Retreats)
Rev. Dr. Panneerselvan (Director of Pastoral Training)
Rev. Dr. Varghese L. Mathai (Director of Education & Missions)

Dr. Ms. Cynthia K
. (Director of Global Operations, NY),
Dr. Madhu Krishan
(Director of Administration),
Dr. Vela Tan
(International Relations)
Dr . M.C. Devaraj (Director of Public Relations),
Dr. V.G. P. Selvaraj
(Director of Crusade & Evangelism),
Dr. Manoj Samuel
(Director of International Ministries),
Rev. Dr. Henry D’Silva
(Director of IICM extension Center in Canada & Special Division of IICM-Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu)
 Dr. Thomas Cheng
(Director of IICM Center in Russia & Central Asia),
Dr. Justin victor (Director of Inter-Denominational Church Relations),
Evangelist S.M. Jeyakumar (Director of Retreats & Conventions)

Divisions of the Ministries of IICM Educational Trust

  • Internet Bible College & Theological University

  •  Christian Leadership and Church Management Institute (Church Management & Christian Leadership Training   in USA and other Countries as scheduled)  

  •   IICM Extension Centers all over the World in English and several other languages

  •   Conferring Honorary Doctorates to deserving Candidates

  •    Ordination and Consecration of Pastors and Bishops

  •   Publication of Printed/Internet Books, Magazines News

  •    Production of TV/Video/Website Messages & News

  • Fully sponsored Ministry Trips to INDIA every month for 7 - 10 days

  •    Video Messages

  •     IICM Reps.

  •    IICM Adjunct Faculty Members

  •  IICM Courses in other Languages

  •   Distinguished IICM Alumni

    IICM has been ranked and rated as No:1 among 1.7 Million “Church Management Institutes” in the World, 
    and as
    No. 3 among 11 Million Bible Colleges in the World) click here

1. Special Programs of IICM:

Theme of the Conference : " FAITH AND FINANCIAL PROSPERITY"

Convocation / Consecration Service  (11AM- 1 PM)
"The 30th Anniversary Celebration of our Ministry"

  • Several Choirs and Musical Groups will be rendering some special numbers

  •  Several Men of God will be CONSECRATED as BISHOPS, ARCH BISHOPS

  •  Honorary Doctorates will be conferred on some Distinguished Servants of God and Public Servants


  •  One of the nationally Renowned Pianist and Pipe Organist will render some special numbers

Please register for the Conference in advance. There is no Registration Fee. If you need accommodation for Friday, September 21, (night), there is a charge of $25 to $ 100 plus, depending on your choice of hotel and the availability of space in our Guest House. Either you can make the booking in a hotel in Kingston, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania yourself or we can make a booking for you.  You can come to Scranton, PA by flight, in order to come to Plymouth, or you can take a bus (Martz Bus Lines) to Kingston/Wilkes Barre, PA, from Port Authority in Manhattan, New York, or you can come by car. If you come from New York City Area, come through exit 15 West from New Jersey Turnpike, take 280 West, and then by Interstate 80 West and after driving around 120 miles, Take 81 North and then 21 North and 11 North. 11 North will become West Main Street of Plymouth and our church is No: 238-240. You will find our church and the parsonage on the right side. Turn right on Powell street immediately before our parsonage, with iron fence, and get in to our church parking lot at the back of our Church, through a gate in the metal fence. Our telephone nos. are 1-570- 779- 4890 (church) or 1-570-779-4891 (home). Our full address is 238-240, West Main Street, Plymouth, PA 18651.

There is another $ 10  charge, if you want to join us for a Chinese Buffet lunch, immediately after the Convocation Service, at 1.15 pm.

2. Internet Bible and Theological Degree Courses
              IICM Bible College & Theological Seminary
offers the following Accredited Theological Degree Courses
through Internet, Correspondence and Open University by IICM Educational Trust,
in Chennai, INDIA, with a Branch in Plymouth, PA, USA                                

B.Min., B.Th., B.B.S., B.D., B.C.M., B.C.L.,
M.Min., M.Th., M.B.S., M.Div., M.C.M. M.C.L.,
D.Min., D.C.M., Th.D., S.T.D., Ph.D. (Biblical Studies)

We also offer Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in
Christian Leadership and Church Management

For full details about the Academic Requirements for each Degree Program: click here

3. Conferring Honorary Doctorates
such as
(D.D., D.Litt., D.C.L., D.Hum., D.Ltts., LL.D., D.B.S. etc.)
to deserving Candidates based on special recommendation  or bio-data reflecting the accomplishments of the candidates   Click here for details

4. Ordination of Pastors, Consecration of Bishops, Arch-Bishops & Cardinals 
Click here for details

5. Church Management and Christian Leadership Training
for 1 week with an option to continue for 3 weeks and also to do
an internship for 6 months for Practical Training.
This program begins from August 1, 2007 and on the first day of every month hereafter.
click here for details

6. Internship Program in our Church in Plymouth PA, USA
For those who already have a visa to come to U.S.A.,
we have Training/Ministry Opportunities in PA, USA in the following areas:
Video Production, Editing and Website/T.V. Broadcasting
We will fully sponsor the visit to USA for 3 - 6 months
If you have the required level of skills in these areas
apply immediately with your bio-data to
If necessary we can give an invitation and a sponsorship letter for visa also

click the link given below to view the
Featured Article : Revelation Knowledge

8. Video Messages of Rev. Dr. John Williams
Few VCD/DVD's produced by IICM
Click here to view the Video Messages


9. Click the links given below to Watch the Videos

Special Christian Songs by IICM Quartet

A Concert by a Pipe Organist

 Around the World

10. IICM Representatives :
In order to recruit students for IICM, we are recruiting IICM Reps., without any geographical restrictions, and they will be remunerated for these services.  For full details and to be officially designated as a Rep., you should send your full bio-data and a photo.
For the services rendered in recruiting students for IICM,
a contribution of 20% of the fees received will be given as our contribution to their ministries.

 List of Reps  – Overseas              INDIA
11. Adjunct Faculty :
We are recruiting Adjunct Faculty Members to grade tests and assignments and to guide our students to write Thesis/Dissertation.  For full details and to be officially designated as an Adjunct Faculty Member of IICM, you should send your full bio-data and a photo.  

List of Adjunct Faculty Members – OVERSEAS    INDIA

12. Director of IICM Extension Centers in your city:
For full details and to be officially designated as a Director of IICM Extension Center,
for any city, State or Country, you should send your full bio-data and a photo. Click here for more details   

Current Directors of IICM Extension Centers – Overseas       INDIA
13. Director of IICM Language Centers to offer our Degree Programs in any major world languages: For full details and to be officially designated as a Director of IICM Language Center, you should send your full bio-data and a photo.
14. Distinguished International Alumni of IICM:
 Click here to view the Distinguished Alumni of IICM

15. Enquiries:
If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed above,
please send your bio-data and photo indicating your interest to  
16. Publications and Productions:
Publication of Printed/Internet Books, Magazines & News,
Production of TV/Video/Website Messages & News  Book Covers

17. Printed Books
A Few Publications of IICM as samples for your review

18. Website/Online Books
A Few Publications of IICM as samples for your review


Please answer this questionnaire

1. Would you be interested in enrolling in one of the Internet Theological Degree Course, and if so please fill out the Blank Application pasted below and send it back to us by email?  ____

2. Would you be interested in recruiting some students for IICM, and if so, we will give you a contribution of 20 % of the fees that we receive from students recruited by you as our contribution to your ministry?  ______

 3. Would you like to nominate any deserving candidate to receive an Honorary Doctorate or to be consecrated as a Bishop? ____  

We would appreciate your response please.

God Bless
Patriarch John Williams
President of IICM Bible College, Fl/PA, USA

Please fill out and send the Application Form to: and

Application Form for Admission

International Institute of Church Management

B.Min. ___ M.Min. ___ D.Min. ___ M.B.S. ___ B.B.S. ___

B.Th. ___ M.Th. ___ Th.D. ___ S.T.D ___ B.D. ___ M.Div. ___

D.D. ___ Ph.D. (Biblical Studies)___   D.Miss. _______

M.Miss. ______ M.C.M. ______   M.C.L. _______

Depending upon your Denomination back-ground and interest

Choose one of the following combinations of Study:

Traditional Theological Track:____   
Pentecostal Charismatic Track:_____

A Blend of both:_____


1.Name :


2.Home Address :

3. Telephone : Home : Office : Fax: E-mail Address :

4. Present Occupation :

5. Date of Birth :

6. Sex: Male ______ Female _______

7. General Education :

8. Church Membership (Name of the Church) :

9. Name of Pastor :

10. Position held in Church :

11. Ministry Training :

12. Areas of Specialization :

13. Ministerial Experience :

14. Long Range Ministry Goals :

15. Source of information about IICM: IICM Website ___ Anointing Magazine ___
     Specify, if through other source _________

16. Membership in IICM is a prerequisite to join our Correspondence Course. ____

U.S.$10 or Rs.100/- for the Annual Membership will be taken out of the fees paid by you.

Date: ______________                                        ____________________

Place: __________                                                     SIGNATURE


· Submitting Copies of all required Certificates and Photos is mandatory to receive your degree.

· In order to enroll in any one of Degree Programs, you should fill out the above Application Form and send it to us by email/regular mail. When we send an Admission Letter, we will indicate the List of Courses to be completed, and the Amount of Fees to be paid.