I. Theological Degree Programs Offered

IICM offers the following Theological Degrees by Internet, Correspondence,  Extension Centers & Open University in the following two tracks, and You can choose any one of them or a combination of two, depending upon your interest and need.

A. In the Traditional Theological Track
B. In the Pentecostal / Charismatic Track
C. A Blend of both

Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Divinity
Master of Ministry
Master of Theology
Master of Divinity
D.D. Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy (Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership, Church Management etc.)


II. Areas of Specialization
Apostolic Ministry Prayer Ministry Biblical Studies
Men's/Women's Ministry Evangelistic Ministry Theology
Youth/Children's Ministry Prophetic Ministry Christian Counseling
Teaching Ministry Pastoral Ministry Praise & Worship
Old/New Testament Church Management Christian Leadership
Church History Apologetics Missiology
Christian Education
Comparative Religion Signs and Wonder
or any other Theological Field of your choice









III. Admission Procedures

Fill out the Application Form, which you will find at the end of this Catalog and send it to us by email or directly submit Online Application form. 

You should send Copies of all required Certificates and photos, after you receive the admission letter

IV. Admission Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree
High School Education (Equivalent to 12 years of schooling)
plus a few years of Theological Education or Experience in the Ministry.

2. Master’s Degree
An earned Bachelor's Degree in Theology or a Bachelor's Degree in any field
(plus some Theological Education in a Bible School for a few years or Ministerial Experience).

3. Doctoral Degree
An earned Master's Degree in Theology or a Master's Degree in any field
(plus some Theological Education and Ministerial Experience)

If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements
for admission in a particular program:
i. Admission will be Denied
ii. Will be accepted in a Lower Degree Program
iii. Will be required to do some Additional Courses

However, the applicant will be given due credit for Life Experience and Ministry Experience, not exceeding 60 hours. If any course that we require has been already completed in an Accredited Bible College, we will let you exempt to take that course. But the Topical Bible Courses offered by IICM, will not be exempted.

V. List of Courses offered by IICM

TBC -1 Spiritual Growth
TBC -2 Living by Faith
TBC -3 Wisdom of God
TBC -4 Divine Prosperity
TBC -5 Prayer and God's Will
TBC -6 The Anointing of the Holy Spirit
TBC -7 Discipleship
TBC -8 Biblical Principles on Giving
TBC -9 Power of God
TBC -10 Divine Health and Healing

BOB-1 New Testament BOB-11 Old Testament BOB-21 Genesis BOB-31 Pentateuch
BOB-2 Joshua BOB-12 Judges BOB-22 Ruth and Esther BOB-32 Samuel I & II
BOB-3 Chronicles I & II BOB-13 Ezra BOB-23 Nehemiah BOB-33 Psalms
BOB- 4 St. Mathew BOB-14 Isaiah BOB-24 The Book of Daniel BOB-34 The Acts
BOB- 5 The Synoptic Gospels BOB-15 St. Luke BOB-25 St. John BOB-35 Galatians
BOB-6 Corinthians I & II BOB-16 Romans BOB-26 Thessalonians I & II BOB-36 Ephesians
BOB-7 Pauline Epistles BOB-17 Timothy I & II BOB-27 Titus BOB-37 Peter I & II
BOB-8 Hebrews BOB-18 Jude BOB-28 Minor Prophets BOB-38 Major Prophets
BOB-9 James BOB-19 Song of Solomon BOB-29 Hosea through Malachi BOB-39 Revelation
BOB-10 John I, II & III BOB-20 Proverbs BOB-30 Numbers BOB-40 Job BOB-41St. Mark

BRC-1 Living in the Kingdom of God BRC-15 The Church BRC-29 The Christian Family
BRC-2 Prayer BRC-16 The Second Coming BRC-30 Selected Readings
BRC-3 The Prophets and Prophecies BRC-17 Life of Jesus Christ BRC-31 The Pentateuch
BRC-4 Pauline Epistles BRC-18 The Word of God BRC-32 The Great Men of God
BRC-5 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit BRC-19 Eschatology BRC-33 Hermeneutics
BRC-6 Bible Archaeology BRC-20 Homiletics BRC-34 The Women of the Bible
BRC-7 The Book of Acts BRC-21 Revelation BRC-35 The Book of Romans
BRC-8 The Book of Daniel BRC-22 The Book of Psalms BRC-36 Book Reviews
BRC-9 Synoptic Gospels BRC-23 Hell and Heaven BRC-37 Ministry
BRC-10 Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon BRC-24 The Judgment of God BRC-38 Christian Leadership
BRC-11 The Fulfillment of the End-Time Prophecies BRC-25 New Testament Survey BRC-39 Biblical Studies
BRC-12 Old Testament Survey BRC-26 Church Growth BRC-40 Practical Evangelism
BRC-13 Christology BRC-27 Bible Truths-III BRC-41 Bible Truths-IV
BRC-14 Men of the Bible BRC-28 Major and Minor Prophets BRC-42 Pneumatalogy

GTBC-1 Old Testament Survey GTBC-24 New Testament Survey GTBC-47 Major Prophets GTBC-70 Minor Prophets
GTBC-2 Life of Jesus Christ GTBC-25 Teachings of Jesus GTBC-48 Sermon on the Mount GTBC-71 Parables of Jesus
GTBC-3 The Great Commission GTBC-26 Christology GTBC-49 Soteriology GTBC-72 Church Management
GTBC-4 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit GTBC-27 Gospel in the Kingdom GTBC-50 Redemption & Salvation GTBC-73 The Second Coming
GTBC-5 Eschatology GTBC-28 Hermeneutics GTBC-51 Apologetics GTBC-74 Theology
GTBC-6 Christian Marriage GTBC-29 The Christian Family GTBC-52 Christian Martyrs GTBC-75 Christian Leadership
GTBC-7 Christian Counseling GTBC-30 Confessions GTBC-53 Liturgy GTBC-76 Prayer
GTBC-8 Fasting & Prayer GTBC-31 Worship GTBC-54 Praise & Worship GTBC-77 Praise
GTBC-9 Revival GTBC-32 Vision GTBC-55 Fundamentals of Music GTBC-78 The Church
GTBC-10 Church History GTBC-33 Church Music GTBC-56 Church Planting GTBC-79 Church Government
GTBC-11 Church Sacraments GTBC-34 Church Discipline GTBC-57 Church Growth GTBC-80 The Charismatic Movement
GTBC-12 Practical Evangelism GTBC-35 Missions GTBC-58 Missiology GTBC-81 Children's Ministry
GTBC-13 Youth Ministry GTBC-36 Men's Ministry GTBC-59 Women's Ministry GTBC-82 Evangelistic Ministry
GTBC-14 Evangelism GTBC-37 Apostolic Ministry GTBC-60 Pastoral Ministry GTBC-83 Prophecy
GTBC-15 Prophetic Ministry GTBC-38 Healing Ministry GTBC-61 Team Ministry (Leadership) GTBC-84 Teaching Ministry
GTBC-16 Christian Education GTBC-39 Principles of Teaching GTBC-62 Cross-Cultural Communication GTBC-85 Internet Bible Research
GTBC-17 Thesis Writing GTBC-40 Leadership GTBC-63 Themes of the Bible GTBC-86 The Scientific Evidence of the Bible
GTBC-18 Bible Prophecy GTBC-41 Bible Archaeology GTBC-64 Biblical View GTBC-87 Bible People
GTBC-19 Men of the Bible GTBC-42 Creation and Evolution GTBC-65 Bible History GTBC-88 Jewish History
GTBC-20 Signs and Wonders GTBC-43 Faith GTBC-66 Women in the Bible GTBC-89 Who is Who in the Bible
GTBC-21 The Great Men of God GTBC-44 Homiletics GTBC-67 Expository Preaching GTBC-90 Preaching & Teaching
GTBC-22 Pastoral Counseling GTBC-45 Spiritual Welfare GTBC-68 Human Relations GTBC-91 Intro to Psychology
GTBC-23 Intro to Sociology GTBC-46 Educational Psychology GTBC-69 Comparative Religion GTBC-92 Christian Character
& Several other Courses to meet the specific needs of students


We are in a position to offer hundreds of courses to pick and choose from, for those students who would like to specialize in a particular subject or an area of ministry. If you will indicate to us the kind of or the combination of courses that you would like to take, we can change the requirements to the extent possible to suit your needs.

6. Course materials Printed and Published by IICM at a subsidized price.

a. We will provide through email course materials.
b. We will recommend you to buy some Books, if you choose to specialize in some areas.
c. We will provide On-line courses
d. We will provide website courses
e. We will give website references for research study


Success in the Ministry Apologetics
Biblical Counseling Theology
Meditation of the Word of God Missiology
Christian Leadership Church Management Principles
Pauline Epistles Homiletics
Synoptic Gospel Pentateuch
Bible Geography 100 Theological Terms
Bible Character Study Eschatology
Hermeneutics Revelation Knowledge

VI. List of Requirements of Each Degree

# Degree

Number of Courses Required

Ministry Project/ Dissertation
Credit Hours
      TBC BB BRC GTBC SC    
Practical Ministry
11 2 3 4     60 60
2. B.Th.
Standard Theological Courses 11 3 4 2     60 60
3. B.D. Traditional Seminary Training 11 3 3 3     60 60
4. M.Min. Practical Ministry 10   5 5     60
5. M.Th. Standard Theological Courses 10 4   6     60
6. M.Div. Traditional Seminary Training 10 2 2 6     60
7. D.D. Traditional Seminary Training 10 3     3 YES 60
8. D.Min. Practical Ministry 10   3   4 YES 60
9. Th.D. Standard Theological Courses 10   3   4 YES 60
10. S.T.D. Combination of Standard Theological Courses & Traditional Seminary Training 10     3 4 YES 60
11. Ph.D. Emphasis on Research
(Church Management)
10       5 YES 60
12. Ph.D. Emphasis on Research (Biblical Studies) 10       5 YES 60
13. Ph.D. Emphasis on Research (Christian Leadership) 10       5 YES 60

TBC - Topical Bible Courses
BB- Books of the Bible
BRC - Bible Research Courses
GTBC - General Theological / Bible Courses
SC - Specialization Courses
WC - Website Courses
OLC - Online Courses

Each Course is given 3 Credit Hours

Doctoral students are required to do a ministry Project or a Dissertation  for 12 or 15 Credit Hours

Two Types of Tests will be given
a. True and False - Objective Test
b. Essay Tests - Subjective Test

If you have already completed any of the courses listed above, or if you prefer to take some other course of interest to you, we will give you the option of choosing alternative courses from any list of courses, listed in our catalog, relevant to your area of specialization, subject to our approval.


Bachelor of Ministry/Theology/Divinity 3 Years
Master of Ministry/Theology/Divinity 2 Years
Doctor of Ministry/Theology/Philosophy 3 Years

However, you may complete your Degree Program as quickly as you can, without any minimum time limit, if you make good grades and pass a special test.


a. Topical Bible courses are mandatory for all Degree Students, because they are Practical to apply in one’s life and Spiritually very Enriching and Enlightening.

b. Students should choose to register in a Degree Program of Ministry, Theology, Biblical Studies or Divinity, depending upon the following factors:
· The kind of Theological Training desired by the Applicant
· The kind of Degree which is generally recognized, accepted and preferred in the Church of the Applicant
· The Ministry Goal of the Applicant

c. It should also be noted that regardless of the kind of Degree Program in which students enroll, a wide range of options are offered to students to choose any Area for Specialization, and also to choose specific Courses in different areas of study.

d. For “Life Experience”, a maximum of 60 Credit Hours will be given, taking into consideration the Practical Experience, Prior Theological Education/Training and Christian Exposure.

e. Every Bachelor Degree student should get a total of 120 Credits to get their Degree.

f. Students Life Experience will include:
Church Membership
Ministry Experience
Prior Theological Education such as a Certificate Course, Diploma Course etc.
Participation in Seminars, Conferences and Retreats.

A Special Note to all Prospective Students of IICM

Since the amount of Contribution you will be making to IICM is a fairly low amount compared to the amount paid as fees charged by a Bible College in U.S.A. or any other country, please do not request or apply for any Scholarship or Concession, and any such requests made will not be entertained or replied.

If you will take time to go through all the sections in our website, you will find the answers to all questions that you may have.
Copy and paste the Application Form pasted below in a word document and fill out the Application Form and send it to us by email or mail or fill out the online application form in the homepage.

VII. Application Form for Admission

International Institute of Church Management Inc. Florida, USA
(An International/Interdenominational/Internet/Correspondence, Bible College and Theological Seminary)
Accredited by WWAC- World-Wide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions, VA, USA
A Certified Member of ACEA- Apostolic Council of Educational Accountability, CO ,USA
Founder/President: Rev. Dr. John Williams

Depending upon your Denomination, Back-Ground and Interest
Choose one of the following three tracks of study:
1. Traditional Theological Track ___ 2. Pentecostal Charismatic Track ___ 3. A Blend of both: ___

Select the Degree Program in which you want to Enroll in:
B.Min. ___ B.Th.___ B.D.___ M.Min. ___ M.Th. ___ M.Div. ___
D.D. ___ D.Min. ____ Th.D. ____ 
Ph.D. (in Biblical Studies, in Christian Leadership, in Church Management etc.)

1. Name :

2.Home Address :
No. & Name of the street:
Town / City:
State :
Pin code:

3. Telephone - Home & Office :
E-mail Address :

4. Present Occupation :

5. Date of Birth :Month /Date/ Year

6. Sex: Male ______ Female ______

7. General Education :

8. Church Membership (Name of the Church):
No. of years of Membership:

9. Name of Pastor :

10. Positions held in Church :

11. Ministry Training :

12. Areas of Specialization desired, if any:

13. Other Ministerial Experience :

14. Long Range Ministry Goals :

15. Source of information about IICM:
IICM Rep Name: ____________ Through Special Mailing from us _____
IICM Website _____  Anointing Magazine ____ Internet Search/Surfing ______
Name of the Magazine ____________ or Specify, if through other source _________

Date: ____________ Place: _______________ SIGNATURE________________

Submission of Copies of all required Certificates and Photos is mandatory to receive your degree
The lists of certificates which are required are: 
a. Any Degree or Diploma Certificate
c. Transcripts of courses done

In order to enroll in any one of the Degree Programs, you should fill out the above Application Form and send it to us by email to / or by air mail to (Dr. John Williams, IICM, 26, Regal Walk, Staten Island, New York, USA 10303 . 

When we send an Admission Letter, we will indicate the List of Courses to be completed, and the contribution you have to send to commence the Degree program you have enrolled in.