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November 2011"
Internet "Anointing" Magazine
International Institute of Church Management Inc. Florida, USA

238-240 West Main Street, Plymouth, Pennsylvania-18651, U.S.A.

(With a Registered Educational Trust in Chennai, INDIA)
IICM, No. 240, Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Chennai 600 073, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Website: (Int'l)
& (India)

Email id : & (Int'l) (India)

 Telephone: 044 22395346 or 22395149

Founder/President of IICM: Patriarch (Rev. Dr.) John Williams
 B.S., LL.B., D.S.S., M.S., M.B.A., D.D., Ph.D. in Management (USA), M.B.I.M. (London)
(Has been a Criminal Lawyer in the High Court,
Personnel Manager in an American Company,
Professor of Management in 5 different States in USA for over 20 years,
Ministered in and Conducted Church Management and Christian Leadership Seminars &
Preached over 100 countries, Authored nearly 40 books, many of which are used in our curriculum and was an invited speaker for International Pastors and Leaders Seminars and Conferences for 10000 plus Pastors in Amsterdam, Int'l Conference in Manila, Philippines, Assemblies of God, South New England District, USA, Asian Outreach International, Hong Kong, Seminar Leader in Church of South India etc.,
and in hundreds of Pastors and Leaders seminars and conferences
in hundreds of cities in nearly 100 countries over a period of 30-40 years.

1. IICM offers the following Accredited Degrees
B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.B.S., B.C.M., B.C.L., Christian B.B.A.,
M.Min., M.Th., M.Div., M.Min., M.B.S., M.C.M., M.C.L., Christian M.B.A.

D.Min., Th.D., D.D., Ph.D. (Biblical Studies) or (Missiology) or (Church Management) or (Christian Leadership) or (Ministry) & Christian D.B.A.

The curriculum, the areas of specializations and the list of courses to be completed
for each degree are mentioned in our website (
We give students ample discretion to choose courses relevant to their
needs and interests. We also give credit to courses done already.
For further details and an Application Form you may write to
click here to fill out the Online Application Form

Click here to view 
IICM 24 Hours WebTV Broadcast
Best viewed in Internet Explorer

 Videos of  Dr. John Williams Ministries and Messages around the world

Every month 25-50 new videos will be added, replacing what is on the screen now.  (We have another 1500 more Messages of Dr. John Williams to be broadcast through Web TV)

3.  An IICM International Pastors/Leaders Conference
in USA and in INDIA
held during the last week-end of every month, as published and confirmed
in our Monthly Internet Anointing Magazine
in which we will have a Convocation/Consecration
 of Arch Bishops and Bishops
Ordination of Pastors etc. will be held, on the last Saturday,
January 28, 2012
at IICM Head Quarters, Tambaram, Chennai, INDIA

(Nomination of Candidates for the above Positions for Self or others, are invited.
Send a Bio-Data and a photo, through an Email to

Our Decision and details of responsibilities and remuneration, will be sent to the selected candidates through an email. The contribution schedule for the position given will be notified. Caps and Gowns will be provided or can be purchased to the extent available, or order!!!

4. The Article of the Month
World History from the time of Creation
Rev. Dr. John Williams, Ph.D.

5. Ordaining Pastors &
Consecrating IICM Bishops (for Cities),
IICM Arch Bishops (for States)
and IICM Cardinals (Presidents for Countries)

We invite applications to enlarge our Spiritual/Administrative Hierarchy for India,
 and other countries. Those who are interested in serving as IICM Leaders to
Oversee the work of IICM (Affiliated Churches, Accredited Bible Colleges and
a wide range of others associated with IICM), and would like to participate in IICM Programs, such as Convocation, Consecration, Ordination Services etc.,
 held in your area, will be consecrated as Cardinals for Countries,
 Arch-Bishops for States and Bishops for Cities,
for INDIA and all other Countries of the world, are requested to keep us informed.

We would request you to nominate eminent and suitable candidates including yourself, for these positions by sending your bio-data and a photo by email to   

6. Nominations will be received throughout the year

to receive any of the degrees that we offer as Honorary Degrees
D.D., D.Litt., D.C.L., D.Hum., D.Ltts., LL.D., D.B.S., Ph.D. (Biblical Studies)
Interested candidates or recommendations may be sent by email to us,
along with a bio-data and a photo to the following email id:
For various degrees different amounts of contributions have to be paid
 after the bio-data has been approved by the IICM Board.

7. Affiliation with IICM Ministries

If you would like to become a Life Time Member of IICM
& to participate in our international ministries.
You may send your bio-data & a photo with full details of your ministry to the
following email id.

After Affiliation, you may use in your letter head, something like as follows:
Under the name of your organization you may mention that you are
affiliated with the International Ministries and Bible College incorporated in Florida, USA.
for spiritual covering

8. Participation in IICM Global Ministry

We are happy to announce that those who are interested in serving or participating in the ministries of IICM, have unlimited opportunities such as

a. Serve as a Rep. of IICM to recruit students, for which service up to 10% of the contribution given by the students, will be given back to you for your services and support for your ministry

b. Serve as the
Director of an IICM Extension Centers in your own city/country of the world & offer all or some of the Degree Courses that we offer, as an Internet, Correspondence or on Campus Program either in English or in your local language

If you are interested in serving IICM in one of following capacities, please send your bio-data and a photo by email to

i. President (with a Spiritual Title of Cardinal) for IICM in a Country
ii. Serving as the Vice President for the country
iii. Serving as Arch Bishop for a State in a country
iv. Serving as a Bishop for a city in a country
v. Serving as as a Faculty member of IICM from any city in the country
vi. Serving as IICM Rep to recruit students for IICM for which we will pay a contribution of 10% of the fees received from the students.

For serving IICM in anyone of the above capacities you will receive suitable titles which you can use. This will be also listed in our website for the information of all people around the world.

You may nominate yourself or any number of suitable candidates by sending their bio-data and a photo by an email to (if the candidate is living in India or if they are living in other Countries with a copy to the President of IICM at

Please note that thousands of students all over the world, are available to serve IICM, with  suitable titles, and compensation in a very meaningful  way.

9. IICM Inc. Florida is open for a
with any other Bible College or Ministry, anywhere in the world !!!!!

(as the Founder/President is initiating a New Ministry Project)
along with Extensive Office/Multifarious facilities, and a large Cathedral /
with or without the building!!! 

IICM Global Ministry is listed, rated and ranked as

One of the Top 25 Ministries in the World
 World's No.1 Internet Bible College
 World's No.1 Web TV
 World's No.1  Institute of Church Management Institute
 IICM is rated as No:5 Bible College, in the world.

It has both Mainline and Full Gospel/Pentecostal Tracks
Other Features include:
Operating in more than 100 Countries, with Students, Staff, Extension Centers etc
Original Course Materials/ Books
(in the form of Printed Books, Course Materials in Website, Videos etc.)
Annual Potential to generate a revenue of $1 Million!!!

Available Immediately for Take-Over for a contribution of as low as US$ 500,000,
 depending upon the options you choose and forego!!!

Your quick response is essential, by sending an email to
Rev. Dr. John Williams, New York, USA,
by sending an email to: & 
as this opportunity will not last very long!!!

You can make your own offer after visiting our church in PA,
Court Assessed  Market value is U.S.$ 1.5 million
Minimum Expected price is  U.S. $ 500,000
An Easy Payment Plan will be considered

10. New Ministry Activities in our Main IICM Campus/Cathedral in Plymouth, PA, USA

If we don't sell our cathedral in our Plymouth, PA, USA, before the end of this year,
 we will be starting
a Residential Bible College,
set up a Bible Museum,
Conduct Pastors Fellowship and Training Meetings,
Computer Training Class for Christian Leaders and Pastors
Classes for developing  website for their own ministries,
starting their own Web-TV program,
Arranging for short term overseas ministries etc.  For details send us an email to indicating your particular interest, attaching your bio-data and a photo.

11. Christian Alliance

As a result of repeated requests from several readers of our Magazine we would like to provide Christian Marriage alliance service free of charge, as we have world-wide contacts and particularly in USA and in India.  Anyone interested in a good alliance may send their
bio-data with a photo to the following email id:
giving the following details:

Name, Address, email id, telephone number, age, qualification, Church Membership, other interests, preferences etc.

Suitable Bridegroom wanted - click here

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