Application Form for Admission in
  International Institute of Church Management Inc., FL/PA, U.S.A.
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Ph.D. (in Biblical Studies, in Christian Leadership, in Church Management etc.)
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10. Positions held in Church:

11. Ministry Training:

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14. Long Range Ministry Goals:

15. Source of information about IICM: IICM Rep Name: _________ Through Special Mailing from us ___ IICM Website ___, Anointing Magazine _____, Internet Search/Surfing ____ Name of the Magazine _______ or Specify, if through other source ___

Date: ____________ Place: _______________ SIGNATURE________________
Submission of Copies of all required Certificates and Photos are mandatory to receive your degree .  [The list of certificates which are required are:

A. Any degree or diploma certificate
B. Transcripts of courses done