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May 2011

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(Accredited International/Internet Bible College & Church Management Institute)
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with a Registered Educational Trust in Chennai
No. 240, Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Chennai 600 073, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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Founder/President of IICM: Patriarch (Rev. Dr.) John Williams


Accredited by AAATI
(American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, NC, U.S.A.)

A Certified Member of ACEA
(Apostolic Council of Educational Accountability, CO, U.S.A.)

A Member of NATA
(National Association for Theological Accreditation, Bangalore, INDIA)

(IICM has been ranked and rated as No: 1 among 2.5 Million "Church Management Institutes" in the World,
and as
No.4 among 13 Million "Internet Bible Courses" in the World according to Google Search Engine)
IICM is also listed as one of the
Top 25 Ministries
in the world
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The Article of the Month
 “Enjoying and Enriching your Life Now!!!!”
Rev. Dr. John Williams, Ph.D.


1. Accredited Theological Degree Programs
through Internet, Correspondence or on Campus)

B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.B.S., B.C.M.(Church Management),  B.C.L., (Christian Leadership), Christian B.B.A.,

M.Min., M.Th., M.Div., M.Min., M.B.S., M.Missiology, M.C.M. , M.C.L. and Christian M.B.A.

D.Min., Th.D., D.D., Ph.D. (Biblical Studies) or (Missiology) or (Church Management) or (Christian Leadership) or (Ministry) & Christian D.B.A.

The curriculum, the areas of specializations and the list of courses to be completed
for each degree is mentioned in our website (
We give students ample discretion to choose courses relevant to their needs and interests.

We also give credit to courses done already.
For further details and an Application Form you may write to
click here to fill out the
Online Application Form

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2. Ordaining Pastors &
Consecrating Bishops (for Cities), Arch Bishops (for States)
and Cardinals (for Countries)

We invite applications to enlarge our Spiritual/Administrative Hierarchy for India,
 and other countries. Those who are interested in serving as IICM Leaders to
Oversee the work of IICM (Affiliated Churches, Accredited Bible Colleges and
a wide range of others associated with IICM), and would like to participate in IICM Programs,
such as Convocation, Consecration, Ordination Services etc.,
 held in your area, will be consecrated as Cardinals for Countries,
 Arch-Bishops for States and Bishops for Cities, for
INDIA and Other Countries, are requested to keep us informed.

We would request you to nominate eminent and suitable candidates including yourself,
for these positions by sending your bio-data and a photo by email to  


3. Nominations will be received throughout the year

to receive any of the degrees that we offer as Honorary Degrees
D.D., D.Litt., D.C.L., D.Hum., D.Ltts., LL.D., D.B.S., Ph.D. (Biblical Studies)
Interested candidates or recommendations may be sent by email to us,
along with a bio-data and a photo to the following email id:

4. Affiliation with IICM Ministries

If you would like to become a Life Time Member of IICM
& to participate in our international ministries.
You may send your bio-data & the photo with full details of your ministry to the following email id. :

5. Participation in IICM Global Ministry

If you would like to participate in the ministries of IICM, you may:

a. Serve as a Rep. of IICM to recruit students, for which service up to 10 - 20 % of the contribution
 given by the students will be given back to you for your services and support for your ministry

b. Serve as the
Director of an IICM Extension Centers in your own city/country of the world
& offer all or some of the Degree Courses that we offer, as an Internet, Correspondence or
on Campus Program either in English or in your local language

i. Adopting our curriculum, following our guidelines, policies, procedures and rules,
ii. Adopting our fee structures by proposed by you and approved by us
iii. By giving certain percentage of the revenue as a Franchise fees or royalty to IICM
iv. Strictly following all the other guidelines given in our website
v. Recruiting students and admitting them
vi. Maintaining student records
vii. Administering tests
viii. Grading the tests
ix. Reporting to IICM head office when students complete all the requirements for the degrees
x. Conducting a Graduation Service and awarding Degree Certificates prepared, signed
and sent from the head office of IICM through the national, regional, state or city Rep. of IICM for your center

If you are interested in serving IICM in one of these two capacities, please send your
bio-data and a photo by email to

6. We want to sell our Cathedral/Church in PA & NY border,
with the following facilities:

7. IICM Global TV Broadcasting

We are trying to start a 24 hour Christian Video Broadcast of Messages, Songs,
Convocation Services (held in various countries).
We will send you further details very soon.


8. Health Related & Pharmaceutical products

 A wide range of portable health equipment and several self checking apparatus (FDA approved) are available for wholesale world wide distribution at a low price!
Contact or
Click here to view the presentation of the kind of products
You may also promote these health related products in your country,
 in your own way, and get from us a good percentage of the price of the products marketed by you.
 Ask for more details if
you need them. 

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