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May - 2009
International Ministry Programs and Projects

A Division of International Institute of Church Management Inc., FL, USA
Rev. Dr. John Williams

Indian IICM Website: http://www.iicmindia.org
International IICM Website: http://www.iicmweb.org

Email id: iicm@aol.com, intl@iicm.us


1. International Christian Church,  Plymouth, PA, USA
238-240, West Main Street, Plymouth, PA 18651, USA
 (Weekly Services & Programs
1. Saturday :  7-8 pm Bible Study
2.  Sunday:  7-8 pm Worship Service
3. Monday - Friday : 10 am to 1 pm
by Appointment for 

  • Church Management Consultation
  • Recording of Video Messages on  CDs, DVDs and for Website Broadcasting
  •  Pastors' Monthly Seminars on Church Management and Christian Leadership in
    NY/NJ/PA, USA 

2. A Special Monthly Internet Article

"Success in Ministry"
by Rev. Dr. John Williams

3. Accredited International Internet/Correspondence
Theological/Degree Courses
offered by IICM Bible College (Incorporated as a Non-Profit Religious Inc.) in  Florida, USA,
 and  IICM Bible College (Regd.  Educational Trust) in Chennai, INDIA
    (offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates) as mentioned in our website.

You may enroll  in

B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.B.S., B.C.L., B.C.M.,
M.Min.,M.Th., M.Div., M.B.S., M.C.L., M.C.M.,
D.D., D.Min., Th.D., S.T.D. or Ph.D.
in Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry, Church Management, Christian Leadership etc.

offered through IICM , Bible College Florida, USA (for US Degree) and
IICM Educational Trust, Chennai, INDIA (for Indian Degree through
IICM Indian Bible College, Tambaram, Chennai, India)

4. M.B.A.
(in Church Management, Christian Leadership, Management of Non-profit  Religious Orgn., Bible College Administration etc.)

Online Application Form

5. Residential Bible School in USA
a. One Year Certificate Course
b. Two Years Diploma Course
c. Three Years Advanced Diploma Course
d. Post Graduate Diploma Course
with an opportunity for specialization in the following areas:
1. Church Management
2. Christian Leadership
3. Biblical Studies
4. Christian Counseling
Arrangement will be made to send I -20 form to get a Student Visa to study
in our Bible School for 1 to 4 years.
If you are interested, please send your bio-data and a photo through email 
(iicm@aol.com; intl@iicm.us) indicating the special skills that you have.
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6. A very Practical 3 Month USA Diploma Course in
 "Christian Leadership & Church Management"

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7. Some Distinguished Alumni of IICM click here

 8. Awarding Honorary Doctoral Degrees
to outstanding and distinguished candidates, such as
LL.D., D.Hum., D.Litt., D.D., D.Min. or Ph.D.
in Ministry, Divinity, Humanity, Literature, Public Service etc.

Details about the requirements to be completed will be furnished upon request to iicm@aol.com

9 . Establishing and Operating IICM Extension Centers
for Accredited IICM Bible College (Registered as an Educational Trust)  in Chennai, India, or 
IICM Bible College (Incorporated) in Florida, USA
in any City of the World and preferably  through Internet or  Correspondence,
any of the following Theological Degree Programs can be offered:

B.Min., B.Th., B.D.,B.C.L., B.C.M.,
M.Min., M.Th., M.Div., M.C.L., M.C.M.,
D.Min., .Th.D., D.D.,S.T.D., D.C.L., D.C.M., and
(in Biblical Studies, Ministry, Church Management, Christian Leadership)
and to do everything that we do from India and USA
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10 . Getting Spiritually and Organizationally connected with IICM

a. Through Life Time Membership
b. Through Graduation and Membership in IICM Alumni Association
c. Through Ordination
d. Through Affiliation of your Church or Ministry with IICM
e. Through Accreditation of your Bible School By IICM

You may contact us by sending your bio-data and a photo,
through an email to iicm@aol.com  for more information,
if you should be interested in any of the services or privileges offered by IICM.

11. International Christian Leadership Training Programs
will be conducted in our church in Plymouth, PA, USA,
during the last week, in the months of May through August
and in the other key cities of the world as announced in our Monthly Anointing Magazine and in our website (www.iicmweb.org)
When we have our Monthly International or National Pastors and Leaders Conference, we will also have an Ordination, Convocation and Consecration Service.

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12. You may receive a 
Bachelors, Masters & Doctorate in Ministry

from the IICM Open Bible University
which is a division of the IICM Inc., Florida, U.S.A.
& IICM Educational Trust, Chennai, India
For details please send your bio-data and a photo by an email to iicm@aol.com
indicating the degree for which you can register and directly take an Examination.

13. You may serve as Rep for IICM
To recruit
Life Time Members,
Faculty Members,
 Administrators etc.
for our Bible College in any City/Country

To Nominate or recommend
IICM Board Members at the City, State, Country or International  Levels
IICM Bishops, Arch-Bishops, Cardinals,
Honorary Doctoral Candidates
Directors of IICM Alumni Association
Bible Colleges or Ministries
(to be Accredited or Affiliated by IICM )
Candidates for Ordination etc.
(with a copy of a Bio-Data and a photo through mail to iicm@aol.com

To join any Theological Degree program or other program
offered by IICM Bible College, Fl, USA or
IICM Educational Trust, Chennai, India

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14. Donation or Contributions are needed to
award Scholarships in multiples of

which is equivalent to U.S.$ 1250 or U.S. $ 2500 is needed immediately
from the Partners, Directors and well-wishers of IICM
for Capital Expenditure such as buying equipment, printing Books etc.

(This amount may be sent to us through a foreign Draft drawn in favor of
"IICM Educational Trust" and have it mailed to
IICM, 240, Ruby Tower, Selaiyur, Velachery Main Road, Chennai 600 073, INDIA
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15. An AD. may be placed in our Monthly
Internet International Anointing Magazine

(Circulation Rate - nearly 500,000 Churches/Christian Organizations
 in more than 100 countries)
You may send your one page - A4 size multicolor ad. to be placed
in our International Internet Anointing Monthly magazine
circulated as mentioned above.

Ads will be placed by us in our Magazine for a very reasonable contribution of 
$100, if you live outside of India or Rs.1000, if you live in India
to get the word out about the details of your Ministries,
to get a positive response and to build a good relationship with several Ministries!

16. A Church near New York, in USA,
with a Parsonage, a Commercial Kitchen, a Large Multi-Purpose Dining Hall, Guest Rooms,
 Class Room, Chapel, Office Rooms etc. for Rent or Lease
(For a Week, Month or Year) or for
Click here for a tour of this church and the facilities

17. Matrimonial
Looking for a Good Looking, American Born/Educated Bride,
a suitable Bridegroom in the age group of 35 to 40,
a well-educated, committed Christian, preferably from Full Gospel background.

Professionally Qualified or Highly Educated, and willing to settle down in New York,
with a Green Card (Immigrant Visa)
Interested and suitable Grooms may send their Bio-data and a photo by email to

18. Full-Time  Opportunities for Remunerative Ministry Opportunities
in IICM Global Ministries

We would like you to indicate the areas of Ministries of IICM
in which you have interest in Networking or Participating with IICM Global Ministries:
Click here for details

19. Full -Time Positions Available in IICM Bible College
Chennai, India

We  are looking for someone with experience and qualifications to serve as
a. Vice President
b. Academic Dean
c. Chief Administrator
d. System's Manager
e. Director Promotion & Publicity
f. Director of Finance
g. Director of International Affairs etc. in the main IICM Bible College in INDIA. 
Send your Bio-data and a photo, to the following email id iicm@aol.com

Similar Positions are also available in USA
In our International Bible College in USA
We would Prefer candidates who have  visitors visa to USA
initially for a Training/Probationary period of 3 - 6 months
and then confirmed after securing R 1 Visa.
Send your bio-data and a photo, to the following email id: iicm@aol.com

19. Several Positions of Academic Counselors/Assistant Deans
are available in IICM Global Bible College, in every major city of the World

Duties and Responsibilities:

i. Recruiting Internet Students in any IICM Theological Degree Program

ii. Admitting Students in any Degree Program offered by IICM, if they meet our requirements and get our approval

iii. Sending the Course Materials and Tests to the students after the contributions are sent to the IICM Headquarters as per instructions given

iv. Grading the Tests and recording the grades in the Student's Transcripts as designed by IICM

v. Giving necessary guidance and academic counseling to the students to complete all the requirements for the degrees

vi. Advising the International IICM Dean when all the requirements are met by the students

Completion of all Courses and Payments of all Contributions, sending a copy of the Students' Transcripts for the Int'l Dean's Signature and mailing the Degree Certificate, unless the students prefer to attend a Convocation Service personally, to receive the degrees in Academic Gowns.

Remuneration for the services rendered by the IICM Academic Counselors / Assistant Deans:

For the services rendered by IICM Academic Counselors/ Assistant Deans, 20% of the contributions sent by the students will given as a remuneration. 10% will be given immediately after the full contribution is sent by the students, and the other 10% will be given when the students meet all the requirements and are ready for graduation.

[Please note that if a student is recruited and put through our Internet Course, who will give a minimum of Rs.4,000 [US$80] to Rs.40,000 [US$800] in India as their contribution. If a student is recruited from a First World country, they will be giving a contribution anywhere from US$650 to US$3000.]

Even if the Academic Counselor/ Assistant Dean recruits and counsels one doctoral student from the First World Country in a month, he/she will get a remuneration of US$600 for that month.

Those who accept this position in IICM may use the title of 'Academic Counselor/
Assistant Dean of IICM in ___________ [mention the name of city/country]

We will look forward to hearing from you.
God Bless
Rev. Dr. John Williams

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