International Institute of Church Management Inc., FL/PA, U.S.A.
238-240 West Main Street, Plymouth, Pennsylvania-18651, U.S.A.
(IICM has been ranked and rated as Number 1 among all the
2.5 Million Church Management Institutes in the World, and has been ranked as No. 4 among the Bible Colleges in the World out of 7.2 Million Bible Colleges )

Divisions of IICM
1. IICM (Educational Trust) Internet Bible College & Theological Seminary, India
2. International Christian Church , PA , USA
3. International Institute of Church Management, FL/PA, U.S.A.
4. IICM Extension Centers in the Key Cities of the World

Founder/President of IICM : Patriarch (Rev. Dr.) John Williams
International Website:
Email ID: &

International Administrative Board of IICM:
 Dr. Vela Tan, Bishop Dr. Selvan Davis, Dr. Varges George,  Dr. V.G. P. Selvaraj,
Dr. Manoj Samuel, Bishop Dr. Varghese L. Mathai


June 19, 2007

1. International Internet Bible College
(Accredited Bachelors, Masters & Doctoral Degrees in Theology)

2. To attend or to speak in an
International Pastors & Leaders Conference in Plymouth, PA from July 23- 28, 2007

Conferring Honorary Doctorates to deserving Candidates ( D.D., D.Litt, D.Hum., D.C.L., LL.D., D.Ltts., D.B.S., D.Min., Ph.D. (Biblical Studies) ETC.)

Ordaining Pastors and Consecrating Bishops

5. Appointing Directors of
IICM Extension Centers in every City and Country)

6. Recruiting
Adjunct Faculty Members

7. Getting Speakers for
IICM International TV Programs and Interviews

8. Sending Speakers for
International Ministries

9. Getting Speakers for our
Church Management & Christian Leadership Training Programs, in Plymouth, PA, every month

10. Utilizing exceptionally good
Visiting Speakers, Singers and Musicians, from India and other countries in your Church services in USA, during this summer

11. Participating in our
International Ministries as Speakers

Inviting us to Minister in your Church in USA, if you have openings and if you so desire

You may click the links given below to view videos taken during the 10 or so, in my ministries in 10 or more countries, where we had mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with all kinds of manifestations, healings, miracles etc., with great harvest of souls in every meeting, breaking out in a revival in each Church, which continued for a long time. I have given a brief introduction about this cluster of videos and video clippings, explaining the concept of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. As we experienced and witnessed. I have also had several hundred such meetings in about 60 countries, during the last 25 years, all over the world, covering which I have full length videos. Each one of my messages, was followed by a rich anointing service. In my website you can view some of my recent messages given for TV programs in New York, Paris and India.

(More details about the 12 items mentioned above are given in our website which is )

Some links for videos and video clippings are given below for your review:

If you are not able to watch these videos, please click here to Download the Real Player and view

1. Anointing services held (Around the World) in different countries

2. Video link for the crusade held in Meghalaya, India

3. Anointing service in a Charismatic Lutheran Church

4. A Concert by a Pipe Organist

5. Special Christian Song by Quartet

6. Dr. John Williams TV Messages

7. Video Clippings

Ministry Opportunities in U.S.A., immediately
For those with a visa to come to U.S.A.,
we have Ministry Opportunities in our Ministry in PA, USA
in the following areas: Video Production, Editing and website/TV Broadcasting
We will fully sponsor the visit to USA for 3 - 6 months
Apply immediately with your bio-data to

Dear Pastor:
Greetings in the name of Jesus!

The purpose of this letter is to find out if you would be interested in joining hands with us in any of the above Ministry Projects, and also to request you to do so, if possible.

For more information about our ministry, you may browse our website.

We need speakers for the forthcoming International Pastors and Leaders Conference scheduled in Plymouth, PA, on July 22-28, 2007.

The twelve Ministry Projects listed above have been our Global Ministry during the last 25 Years, and we still continue them.

Just recently we have established a Ministry Base in Plymouth, PA, where the Lord has given us a nice Cathedral, Chapel, Parsonage, Office and other facilities.

We would like several Pentecostal, Full Gospel and Charismatic Churches in the Tri-State area to join hands with us, as Speakers, Participants and Ministry Partners, in making all of these Ministry Projects, a great blessing to hundreds of participants who will be coming from around the world and through out the year.

Every month we would like to send one preacher to India to preach and minister in India, for a week or two, at our own expense. If you are interested, please contact us and send your back-ground information.

We would like to conduct a 1 week Christian Leadership/Church Management Seminar every month in Plymouth, PA, for batches of 20-40 Preachers and Christian Leaders from around the world. We need Teachers and Seminar Leaders, to help us in these seminars.

In the multitude of counsel there is safety. Therefore, we would like to form an U.S. Advisory / Administrative Board of IICM with 25 Pastors. If you would like to serve on this Board, please contact us.

Please note that we have been invited by a well established ministry in
Nigeria to send one or preferably two or more Preacher/Teacher to participate in a Seminar scheduled by them in the month of January 2008. You have to travel at your own expenses. If you are interested about this program and ministry, please send an email to me.

If you should have any question, please send me an email.

I will look forward to hearing from you soon.
God Bless,
Rev. Dr. John Williams
Founder/President, IICM International Ministries

P.S. If you would like to talk to me personally over the phone, I will send you my Telephone Number or call you.

1. Top 25 Ministries in the World
Click this web link

Dr. Billy Graham - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Kathryn Kuhlman, the amazing woman teacher of the word (59 min) - .Kathryn Kulhman
Pastor John Osteen / Joel Osteen -Lakewood Church Audio/Video Page -
Bro.Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran - Jesus Calls International Ministries
Dr. Oral Robert - KWMJ - TV 53 TULSA - Oral Robert Ministries (Richard Roberts & Lindsay)
Dr.T.L.Osborn -The Osborn World Ministry - Audio Sermans -
Pastor Benny Hinn - Benny Hinn Ministries ----On-line TV
Dr. Creflo A. Dollar Jr - World Changers Ministries' - onlineTV weekly
R. W. Schambach - R. W. Schambach - television and radio messages - Online daystar TV
Morris Cerullo - World Evangelism - prayer watch - news letter - address -
Rex Humbard - a big evangelist like billy graham in usa
Pastor. Mrs. Joyce Meyer - Joyce Meyer Ministries ==== Radio ==== Television
Gwen R. Shaw - Gwen R. Shaw Ministries
Tommy Tenney - Ministry of Tommy Tenney - God Chasers Network- online
Ravi Zacharias - Video Ministry Programs - Ravi Zacharias
Paul & Grane - TBN Christian Television Network in the world
Rev.Steve Hill - Rev.Steve Hill - Revival Evangelist - on-line ministry - songs and powerful
Steve Hage - Steve Hage Ministries - on line TV - Audio / Video
Kenneth Copeland - Kenneth Copeland Ministries - On line TV
Jesse Duplantis -Jesse Duplantis Ministries On-line TV messages
Pat Robertson - well known Christian Statesman of USA. Christian Coalitiom of America -
Morris Cerullo - Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
                     2. Some background information about Patriarch John Williams
(Son of a Medical Missionary and a Grandson of a Pastor)
                          After completing his studies (B.S., LL.B., D.S.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.)
                                        Had a Secular Career for 30 years as:
                                  A Criminal Lawyer in a High Court - for 3 years
                                  A Personal Manager in a Corporation - for 4 years
                                  A Professor of Management and Law - for 23 years
                                 (and the Chairman of the Department of Management
                                          in several Universities and Colleges in USA.)
                                In 1979, he had a Vision for 21 Consecutive Nights
                                 in which he saw himself preaching in many Nations
                                        and witnessed many Miracles and Healings!
3. Positions held in the Ministry
Founder/President, International Institute of Church Management [USA/India] [1978-2007]

Senior Pastor, International Faith Christian Church (USA/India) 1978-2007

Director of Global Outreach, Golden Heights Christian Center Church,
New York, U.S.A (1985-2007)

President: Leadership International, New York, USA (1984-2007)
(This organization trains the national workers by conducting Pastors and Leaders Conferences around the world)

Church Management Consultant, Southern New England District of
Assemblies of God, Boston, Ma (1975-1990)

Credential Holder as a Preacher in Assemblies of God, in RI, PA and NY from
1975- 2000
Dekalb, IL 1965 - 1967 with Rev. Schmidgall in the AG Church
Scottsbluff, NE 1967 - 1970 with Rev. Allen Roy of AG Church
Lincoln, NE 1970 in the summer with Pastor Glass
Warrensburg, MI 1971 - 1975 with Pastor Danny Kemp
Johnston, RI 1975 - 1990 with Rev. John Cooper
Staten Island, NY 1990 - 2007 with Rev. John Hodgins

(Also I was the Church Management Consultant for the Southern District of New England for the District Superintendent of AG Rev. Hugh Corey)

I was also Preaching in the Churches in this AG District, as a Credential Holder
4. Conducted Church Management / Christian Leadership Seminars
in several Churches and Christian Organizations including the following:

Assemblies of God (Southern New England District) USA
(Management Consultant, Management Seminar Leader, Speaker in District Leadership Conferences
and Speaker in the Ministers Institute -1975-1990)

World Vision International, Madras, India (In-house Management Training Program)

Asian Outreach International, Hong Kong
(A 3-day Management Seminar for Pastors and Christian Leaders)

Campus Crusade International,
Bangkok, Thailand (Management Seminar)

Leadership International, Brockport, New York
(President and Speaker for International Leadership Conferences in USA, Scotland, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo etc- 1984-1998)

Amsterdam '83 And '86, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,
Amsterdam, Holland. (Management Consultant and Workshop Leader)

World Congress, Northeastern Evangelical Association of New England, Boston USA (Speaker)

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (India)
(Speaker, 3-Day Management Seminar for Pastors, Bombay, India)

Grace Assembly, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Speaker, Pastors Church Management Seminars in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Johor Bahru, Port Dickson, Penang, etc.)

National Evangelical Church, Kuwait (Speaker, National Pastors and Leaders Seminar)

Calcutta Bible College, Calcutta, India (A lecture on Church Management)

School Of Evangelism Of Asia, Bangalore, India
(A series of lectures on Church Management and Christian Leadership)
Singapore Bible Institute, Singapore (A lecture on Church Management)

Victory Bible Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma (A lecture on Church Management)

Haggai Institute Of Leadership, Singapore and Maui, Hawaii (International Faculty)

Youth With A Mission, India and Scotland (Leadership Seminars)

India Bible Literature, Madras, India
(In-house Management Training Program and Speaker in National Leaders Conferences)

Church Of South India, Madras, India
(Conducted a Church Management Seminar for the Pastors in Madras Diocese)

Methodist Church, Singapore
(Conducted a Church Management Seminar and a Discipleship Training Program for one year in United Methodist Church in Rhode Island.)
and in several other Churches, Conferences, Crusades etc. Around the World

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2. IICM Bible College

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(Author), E ... The congregation did not sustain Williams, however. Joseph then ...