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Anointing of the Holy Spirit in MEGHALAYA Crusade in INDIA

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1. Special Article Featured for the Month
" Teachings of Jesus Christ"
by Dr. John Williams

2. A 1-Day Conference will be held on
Saturday, January 29, 2011, in Chennai, INDIA

 in Tambaram, Chennai, INDIA,  on the last Saturday, of the month,
when we will 
Ordain Pastors, 
Consecrate Bishops & Arch-Bishops
& Confer both Honorary and Earned Degrees,  
 in Caps and Gowns
The Main Speaker :
Rev. Dr. John Williams

Founder & President of IICM)

Immediately preceding the one day Conference on Saturday, January 29, 2011,  a Two-Day Christian Leadership and Church Management Seminar will be conducted on Thursday & Friday,
(January 27 & 28, 2011)
 If you are interested in participating in this Seminar you should send your bio-data and a photo by email .

Everyone who attends this 2-Day Seminar and the Convocation Ceremonies on Saturday, January 29, 2011, will be given a Special Certificate, and  further those who desire to receive an Honorary Doctorate, will be conferred an Honorary Doctorate on Saturday, along with the Graduates, if they meet the following requirements. 
The final decision will be ours, but you may indicate your interest and desire by sending in advance your full bio-data and a photo, listing all of your accomplishments.  The other requirement will be to make a small contribution towards the scholarship fund of IICM to help IICM students  who cannot afford to pay the regular tuition.
Another Highlight of our Program scheduled for Saturday, January 29, 2011, will be the 40th Anniversary of IICM.  During this time we will also Inaugurate  the Alumni Association of IICM. We believe that probably several hundreds or thousands of individuals or organizations have
  • Graduated (Alumni) or Currently studying in IICM
  • Ordained
  • Consecrated as  Bishop (for a City), Arch Bishop (for a State)  or Cardinal (for a Country)
  • Received Honorary Doctorate or any other Degree
  • Affiliated with or Accredited by IICM
  • Serve or Serving IICM as a Rep., Adjunct Faculty Member, Bishop (for a City), Arch Bishop (for a State)  or Cardinal (for a Country), Director of IICM Extension Center
  • Desire to serve as a Director of IICM Alumni Association at a City, State or National level
  • Attended one of our IICM Conferences or Seminars in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia or an African Country.

You may indicate your specific interest through an email, for further details and for participation.

3. A Special Ad. for the sale of our Church in Plymouth, PA, USA

4. International Christian Church in Plymouth, PA, USA
Besides regular, weekly Services and Programs,
 we have Pastors and Leaders Seminars and Conferences
in the Church Premises  in Plymouth, PA, USA, as scheduled and announced.
Generally we have
International Leaders and Pastors Conferences scheduled
during the last Thursday, Friday &  Saturday,
in the months of July, August & September 2011
concluding on Saturday, forenoon 10 am to 1 pm
with a
Convocation, Consecration & Graduation Service, followed by a buffet lunch
Full details of this event will be sent through email upon request
and also will be announced in our Monthly Anointing Magazine.

Some Conferences and Church Services held in our Church in Plymouth, PA, USA, are given below:

5.  A 3-Day Christian Leadership and Church Management Seminar of IICM, will be held in the Key Cities of USA & INDIA, at least once in 3 months, as published in this magazine

Some of the Text Books used in
our Bible College

6 . IICM Int'l Internet Bible College
in Chennai, INDIA (Indian Degrees will be awarded and the fee will be relatively less)
& Florida, USA (American Degrees will be awarded, but the fee will be slightly higher)
Further please note that the fee charged will be much less than the fee charged by other comparable Internet Bible Colleges.
In addition to that the fee charged will depend on where the students live at the time of enrolling in a Degree program, in terms of :
1. USA & First World Countries

2. Third World Countries
3. India or

4. Neighboring Countries of India, such as Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan etc.

IICM Bible College USA/INDIA
offers the following     
Internet Theological/Bible Degree Courses :

B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.B.S., B.C.L., B.C.M., Christian B.B.A.,
M.Min.,M.Th., M.Div., M.B.S., M.C.L., M.C.M., Christian M.B.A.,
D.D., D.Min., Th.D., S.T.D. or Ph.D.

(in Church Management, Christian Leadership, Theology, Ministry,  Biblical Studies etc.)

Scholarships will be awarded to the
Deserving students to the extent scholarship funds  are available, up to 10% of the normal fees, if the total fee is paid within 30 days of enrollment. 
Further, if you recruit a student for IICM, you will be entitled to receive a contribution of 10%
of the  fee received from such students


If you recruit 4 more students (not counting you)  all of you will be entitled to a 25% discount in your total regular fee, which means that all 5 of you will be paying only 75% of the regular fee provided this payment is made in full within 30 days of receiving the admission letter from us.
Online Application Form


Group Photo taken on the Convocation/Ordination/Consecration Service held at Chennai, INDIA
on October 23, 2010

7. Applications, Nominations and Recommendations
are welcome to serve IICM,
all over the world,  in various capacities such as follows:

  • IICM Cardinals for Countries (to oversee IICM Ministries within the jurisdiction of a Country of their residence)

  • IICM Arch Bishops for States of India, and other Countries where they reside

  • IICM Bishops for Cities in India, and Cities around the World, in which they reside

  • Directors of IICM Extension Centers for Cities in India, and other Countries  of the World

  • Faculty Members with specialization in various subjects to provide guidance and necessary assistance to the extent needed to complete their degree programs successfully.

  • IICM Reps for any City in any Country of the World, without any geographical limitation in recruiting students or candidates for other positions listed in this section to serve IICM

  • IICM Alumni Association Directors for States & Countries
    You will be remunerated for the services rendered for IICM, in the capacity of the Titles given to you, and the services performed at our request as per our policy.
    Your role is to nominate suitable candidates with 
    their full bio-data and
    a photo, through an email,  indicating the special qualifications, skills etc., possessed  for the above positions, and the candidates themselves may also send their bio-data and photos through email indicating their interest in the above specific positions

8.  IICM Residential Bible College in USA and INDIA
Applications are invited  in the form of a Bio-data, with a photo, for our

  • 1 Year Certificate Course in Bible

  • 2 Year Diploma  Course in Ministry

  • 4 Year Degree Course in Theology &

  • 2 Year Post Graduate Degree Course
    in Christian Leadership, Church Management &  Spiritual Growth

Interested candidates should send their bio-data by email to ,
indicating their interest in one of the above courses offered by us,
in INDIA or in USA

These Courses will be offered by IICM, which is an Internationally Renowned Bible College and also Ranked (by the major Search Engines) as No:1 Internet Bible College in the World, and listed as one of the Top 25 Ministries in the World!


9. Awarding Honorary Doctoral Degrees
to outstanding and distinguished candidates, as listed below
LL.D., D.Hum., D.Litt., D.D., D.Min. or Ph.D.
(in Ministry, Divinity, Humanity, Literature, Public Service etc.)
will be conferred to Deserving Candidates, provided they are willing to make a
small contribution towards the Scholarship Fund of IICM, to enable poor students who are unable to pay their full fees to join our courses with a scholarship.
Thousands of applicants are unable to commence their Theological Studies for lack of financial resources Please send your bio-data and photo to be considered for awarding one of the Honorary Degrees listed above and to know the requirements to be met:

10. IICM Open Theological University
in which you can directly appear for the examination and earn Bachelor's or Master's Degree, if you have necessary Bible knowledge, Ministry Experience & Confidence !!
click here for more info

11. Opportunities for Establishing and Operating
IICM Branch Bible Colleges & IICM Extension Centers
 in the Key Cities of India, and the World !!
Through these Extension Centers, any Theological Degree Program or any other Project or Service we do can be done exactly as we do, (or any other Program with our permission) under an Agreement, using our Course Materials by sharing the Revenue with us and making an initial payment as mentioned in the Agreement Form.
 A copy of which can be viewed through the link given below:
Click here for details

12. IICM Alumni Association
In the Key Cities of every State of India and other Countries
Monthly Alumni Association Meetings will be held in the most popular cities, 
for which all Alumni of IICM  will be invited
to attend, and meet their IICM College mates.
If you would like to serve as the State Director of  the IICM Alumni Association,
for a Remuneration based on the Membership, please send your bio-data to

13. IICM National and International Board Members
If you desire to serve as an International or National IICM Board Member,
to make and implement policies  and to conduct IICM Programs.
Please send your Bio-Data and a photo through an email to:

14.Health Related & Pharmaceutical products
 A wide range of portable health equipment and several self checking apparatus  
(FDA approved) are available for wholesale world wide distribution at a low price!
Contact or
Click here to view the presentation of the kind of products


15. A rare opportunity for you to invest and participate in the project of building Churches, Conference Hall,
Seminar Auditorium, Open Air Meeting Ground, Retreat Center,  Bible Colleges etc.
 (Please note that one-third of the work has been completed already and services are being held in a Seven Storey Modern Glass Building located in the heart of the City of Chennai, the 4th largest city in INDIA
 (which is the 2nd biggest Nation in the World, by population and at the verge of  becoming the most populous Nation of the World)

For building the other structures listed above sites have been purchased or donated by some one to build the facilities in or around the City of Chennai.  Please note that the land value in this area is very expensive and actually the cost of the building will be lower than the land value.  More details will be furnished upon request. 
A photo of this church building is pasted  below:
Investments/Contributions by several persons and Foundations & Grants may be sent  in the units of  U.S. $ 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 & 100,000
The total amount needed for this project will be several million dollars and details will be sent of any specific project in which you want to invest.  Excellent references will be furnished upon request.  Our Ministry/Int'l Bible College/Management Training Center is Rated by the Major Search Engines as one of the Top 25 Ministries in the World, and
as No.1 Bible College out of more than 15 million Bible Colleges in the World. 

(Partnership percentage and rights will increase depending upon the amount
of investment)
For more details, you may send us an email to

16. Social Work Projects to help the Sick, Disabled, Needy & Poor
For more details, you may send us an email to

16. Christian Matrimonial
Looking for a Bride

1. A good committed Christian Family having Canadian citizenship
is looking for a suitable bride for their son, who is a Software Engineer
(graduated from a Canadian University and is working in Canada) 
He is 26 years old.  The Bride should be a Committed Christian, in the age bracket of
20 - 24.  She should be a graduate and preferably in the field of computer . For further details please send by email, the bio-data of the girl with a photo to

Looking for a Bride Groom
2. A Committed Christian Girl born and raised in USA, daughter of an International Christian Leader, in her  upper thirty's, living in the East Coast of USA, is seeking alliance.  The Bride Groom should be a committed Christian in the age group of upper thirty's, and should be preferably a Doctor, Engineer or Software Engineer.  Must be an Indian, from any part of the World.  A bio-data and a photo should be sent by email to