March 2011

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"Anointing Magazine"'
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Anointing of the Holy Spirit Around the World

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1. A Special Article Featured for the Month of March 2011
"Creativity is the Characteristic of God,
which has been imparted into Man at the time of Creation"

by Dr. John Williams

2. Church in Plymouth PA, USA


3. The next IICM Conference/Service of

  • Convocation

  • Ordination &

  • Consecration of Bishops, Arch-Bishops & Cardinals,
    will be held in Chennai, India

on Saturday, March 12, 2011,
from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
at Victory Christian Assembly,  No. 40 Muthalamman Koil Street, Selaiyur,
Chennai 600 073, INDIA.

All those who are connected with IICM  Ministries are welcome to  participate in it.
(There is a registration fee of Rs.250, for registration and lunch
to attend the Conference scheduled on March 12, 2011)

During the Conference Dr. John Williams, and few other Leaders of IICM,
will conduct a Seminar, in which those who attend may participate by
asking questions or sharing their views.


4. Spiritual/Administrative Hierarchy

We invite applications to complete our Spiritual/Administrative Hierarchy  for India, and other countries, who is interested in and would like to serve as leaders and to oversee and administer the work of IICM, Affiliated Churches, Accredited Bible Colleges and a wide range of others associated with IICM, and would like to speak in our Convocation Services, Conferences and Seminars held in your area, or even in other parts of INDIA and Overseas when we receive invitations.

We would request you to nominate eminent and suitable candidates including yourself, for these positions
Bishops of IICM in the Cities, Arch-Bishops for States and Cardinals for Countries, to Ordain Pastors, Consecrate Bishops and Arch-Bishops .

The candidates approved by us will be given the responsibility to ensure proper administration and supervision of IICM Ministries through out India, and all  countries around the World, particularly to perform the following roles:

  • Ordaining Pastors

  • Consecrating Bishops/Arch-Bishops

  • Organizing and Speaking in IICM Christian Leadership Training Programs

  • Promoting and Publicizing the Ministries of IICM, to enroll students in our Degree Programs.

  • Nominating Qualified Persons to be a part of the Spiritual and Leadership Global Hierarchy, and to be a Speaker in our Int'l Christian Leadership Conferences

  • Establishing IICM Extension Centers in the Key Cities of the World

  • Oversee, Expand and Strengthen the IICM Ministries in your Country or
    Ministries Affiliated with or Accredited by IICM, including the IICM Alumni Association

 If you are interested in participating in this Seminar/Conference, you should
send your bio-data, and a photo by email  to
and indicate your desire to receive an
Honorary Doctorate (D.D.)
for which a small contribution has to be paid which will be intimated to you, after receiving your bio-data and a photo.  For your ministry and service in this capacity you will be given some remuneration as per our policy which we will let you know after hearing from you about your interest and sending your bio-data and a photo.

Those candidates who already have a D.D. may indicate their interest in getting some other Honorary Doctorate such as
D.Min., D.Litt., &  Ph.D. 
The contribution towards this cost will vary depending upon the Honorary Degree that you desire and deserve and the name of the Country in which you live.

5. IICM Int'l Internet/Correspondence Bible College
IICM Bible College USA/INDIA offers the following 
Internet & Correspondence Theological/Bible Degree Courses :
B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.B.S., B.C.L., B.C.M., Christian B.B.A. M.Min.,M.Th., M.Div., M.B.S.,M.C.L.,M.C.M.,
Christian MBA
D.D., D.Min., Th.D., S.T.D. or Ph.D.
(in Church Management, Christian Leadership, Divinity,
Theology, Ministry,  Biblical Studies etc.)

We will call for your bio-data and a photo by email, after receiving which we will send you a blank application form and let you know the fees to be paid either for the Degree from IICM Bible College from India and also from USA.

We will give a discount for the full payment in one lump sum. However, you may also pay the fees in 3 - 6  monthly installments.

Further, if you recruit a student for IICM, you will be entitled to receive a contribution of 10% of the  fee received from such students
Online Application Form

6. Applications, Nominations and Recommendations
are welcome to serve IICM, all over the world,  in various capacities such as follows:

  • Directors of IICM Extension Centers for Cities in India, and other Countries  of the World

  • Faculty Members with specialization in various subjects to provide guidance and necessary assistance to the extent needed to complete their degree programs successfully.

  • IICM Reps for any City in any Country of the World, without any geographical limitation in recruiting students or candidates for other positions listed in this section to serve IICM

  • IICM Alumni Association Directors for States & Countries

    You will be remunerated for the services rendered for IICM, in the capacity of the Titles given to you, and the services performed at our request as per our policy.  Your role is to nominate suitable candidates with  their full bio-data and a photo, through an email,  indicating the special qualifications, skills etc., possessed  for the above positions, and the candidates themselves may also send their own bio-data and photo through emails indicating their interest in the above specific positions

7. IICM Residential Bible College in USA

We are waiting for the final letter of approval from the Immigration/Education department to start
a Residential Bible College in USA

Full details will be given if you will send your bio-data and a photo, after receiving the final approval to start the Bible College, and the exact date of starting is decided, which could be started even as early as June 1, 2011,
in PA, USA.

Applications are invited  in the form of a Bio-data, with a photo, for our

  • 1 Year Certificate Course in Bible

  • 2 Year Diploma  Course in Ministry

  • 4 Year Degree Course in Theology &

  • 2 Year Post Graduate Degree Course
    in Theology, Biblical Studies, Divinity, Christian Leadership,
    Church Management &  Spiritual Growth

8. Awarding Honorary Doctoral Degrees
to outstanding and distinguished candidates, as listed below
LL.D., D.Hum., D.Litt., D.D., D.Min. or Ph.D.
(in Ministry, Divinity, Humanity, Literature, Public Service etc.)
will be conferred upon Deserving Candidates, provided they are willing to make a
small contribution towards the Scholarship Fund of IICM, to enable poor students who are unable to pay their full fees to join our courses with a scholarship.

Please note that we offer these Honorary Degrees both from our Bible College in India and our Bible College in USA.  Please note that the fee/contribution will vary depending upon the degree requested.  

  Please send your bio-data and photo to be considered for awarding one of the Honorary Degrees, if you meet our requirements

9. IICM Open Theological University
in which you can directly appear for the examination and earn Bachelor's or Master's Degree, if you have necessary Bible knowledge, Ministry Experience & Confidence !!

10. Opportunities for Establishing and Operating
IICM Branch Bible Colleges /IICM Extension Centers
 in the Key Cities of India, and all over the World !!
Through these Extension Centers, any Theological Degree Program or any other Project or Service we do can be done exactly as we do, (or any other Program with our permission) under an Agreement, using our Course Materials by sharing the Revenue with us and making an initial payment as mentioned in the Agreement Form.  A copy of which can be viewed through the link given below:
Click here for details

11. New Ministry Projects & Programs of IICM

Some details about the new ministry programs,
we are planning to start this month on March 12, 2011, are mentioned below:

12. An opportunity to take over and run an
Internationally Reputed and Ranked by search engines as No. 1
Bible College in the world

 You may even purchase large church facilities near New York in USA, which has already applied for running  a Residential Bible College in USA, and the final approval is awaited from Washington DC, to have the right to recruit foreign students and issue I-20 forms for admission.

Several thousands of students have graduated with Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees, (in Theology, Divinity, Biblical Studies etc.) from nearly 200 countries, with a current strength of around 1000 students, and accounts receivables of more than one million dollars and a potential to get an Annual Revenue 2-5 million dollars.

Website - Thousands of video/audio cassettes, text books, additional reading books, administrative and academic manuals for offering all these degree courses have been compiled. 

Several Extension Centers have been established in India, and Overseas. 
We have been catering to the needs of students of all Christian faith
(Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal and other denominational and
non-denominational churches interested in taking over and operating  this International Bible College may contact us with details of their ministry by email to


13. Health Related & Pharmaceutical products
 A wide range of portable health equipment and several self checking apparatus (FDA approved) are available for wholesale world wide distribution at a low price!
Contact or
Click here to view the presentation of the kind of products

You may also promote these health related products in your country,
 in your own way, and get from us a good percentage of the price of the products marketed by you. Ask for more details if you need them. 

- The End -