Anointing Magazine -
January 2010
A Monthly Internet Magazine of
International Institute of Church Management, FL, USA/Chennai,INDIA


Founder/Int'l President: Patriarch Rev. Dr. John Williams

International IICM Website:

(IICM has been Ranked & Rated
by the Major Search Engines as
 No. 1, among 15 million
" Bible Colleges" in the world)

Ministry Programs & Projects of IICM,
USA, India & other Countries

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1. IICM Ordination/Convocation/ Consecration of Bishops / Arch Bishops

Our goal is to have an Ordination, Convocation &  Consecration Service
every month in Chennai, INDIA, and in PA or NY, USA, during the last week-end.

We have scheduled an Ordination/Convocation/Consecration Service as well as
a Pastors & Leaders Seminar on Saturday
January 23, 2010,
 from 9 am to 5 pm
at "Victory Christian Assembly"
near IICM Head Quarters,
in Chennai, INDIA


Theme of the Conference:
"Spirit, Spiritual Things, Spiritual World & Spiritual Life"
by Rev. Dr. John Williams

Nominations and Recommendations
are still welcome to serve IICM,
all over the world,
in various capacities such as

  • Cardinals

  • Arch Bishops,

  • Bishops,

  • Directors of IICM Extension Centers,

  • Faculty Members,

  • Alumni Association Directors,

  • IICM Reps etc.


2. Operating an International Church & Bible College in USA
(one in Pennsylvania & one in Florida)

in a large and beautiful facility owned by us in the state of Pennsylvania,  consisting of :

  • A Cathedral, Residential Building, Office Rooms, Guest Rooms, Class Rooms, 
    Dining Hall, Commercial Kitchen, Parking Lot etc. 
    (A link to view the church and other facilities)

These  facilities  may be purchased by any Ministry, (for a very nominal contribution,
as we planning to buy another church building in New York)
 or may be
leased or rented, on a Monthly, Weekly or Hourly basis,
 for holding Regular Weekly Services on one or two days,
 for about 2 hours for each service.

We are planning to start a Residential Bible College in USA, (in PA and/or FL)
which will be run as a 4-Year Bible College,
with an authority to issue I-20 Form
for foreign students to get an R1 Visa, for a period up-to 4 years.
Our scheduled re-opening date is June 1, 2010

A Quick Survey
is made right now, to find out
1. If  qualified Pastors are available to
 develop our International Christian Church
(housed in our own Cathedral in Plymouth, PA, USA, with lot of facilities)
by Conducting regular weekly services and other programs.

2. If qualified and experienced Bible College Faculty Members are available
to teach courses which will be offered in the Bible College
which will be started in our own Church Premises, to offer Degree Programs
 at the Under Graduate and Graduate levels (for 1 - 4 years),
starting from June 1, 2010, for which preparations are made vigorously.
Applications are invites both from Faculty Members and Students!!!!!

We would prefer those with a 10 year multiple entry visa to come first on a short assignment
and later on get an approval for a long term R 1 Visa to
Teach in the Bible College
Preach in the Church &
do some Administrative work
both in the Church and in the Bible College

(Possession of a valid International driving license , financial ability to purchase their own round trip air ticket, teaching experience in a Bible College, Pastoral Experience in Churches and
computer skills and knowledge will be considered a plus)

Please note that we would need several  Missionary Minded
Pastors, Bible College Professors & Musicians
from America itself to come to PA to help develop this
church/Bible College Ministry
in our large Cathedral and adjoining facilities.
Please send your bio-data and a photo by email to

Please note that not only a church and a Bible College can be operated in the Church property owned by us, but we are also planning to conduct International Pastors and Leaders Conferences,
Pastors & Christian Leaders Seminars, Retreats etc.
For further details, rush your enquiries to

    If  you are interested in getting involved in this American based ministry
(Church, Bible College, International Pastors and Leaders Conferences and Seminars)
Please send by email ( your full bio-data and a photo indicating that you have the special qualifications, skills etc. as indicated above.


20 Partners are needed to start
a 4 year Residential Bible College in this campus in USA

Please rush with an email to immediately, if you want to become a Partner in this Ministry by investing
U.S. $ 5000, and serving on the Advisory or
Management Committee

Partners will be entitled to recommend 2 candidates to study in this Bible College. 
Please send your response quickly.
Click here for a tour of this church and the facilities - Part 1 
Video Clipping of the Church - Part 2


3. IICM International  Internet Bible College
   in Chennai, INDIA & Florida, USA

Hundreds of students have currently enrolled, in our
 Internet Theological Degree Programs
from over 100 countries,
Bachelors, Masters & Doctoral & 
Christian M.B.A. Degree Programs

specializing in various fields such as
 Church Management,  Christian Leadership,  Theology,  Divinity
& other areas of specialties in Theological &  Biblical  Studies
IICM Bible College USA/INDIA offers Internet Theological/Bible Degree Courses leading to the following degrees:
B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.B.S., B.C.L., B.C.M.,
M.Min.,M.Th., M.Div., M.B.S., M.C.L., M.C.M.,
D.D., D.Min., Th.D., S.T.D. or Ph.D.

(in Church Management, Christian Leadership, Theology, Ministry, Biblical Studies etc.)

Incredibly low fees will be charged during the month of January 2010 only, for enrolling in any of the American Theological Degree courses offered by IICM at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels, as well as in the Christian MBA Course.

An Application form on the front page of IICM Website should be filled out and sent by email on or before January 15, 2010, as long as the scholarship funds last.

(After the available funds are exhausted by
awarding scholarships the fee structure will revert back to the original Fee Structure

Special Scholarships to students enrolling in January, as long as the funds last

New Fee/Contribution from January 2010


Minimum Contribution Expected from Residents of


Students in USA & 1st World Countries
(Old Fees)

New Fees
from Jan.1, 2010

Students in 3rd World Countries
(Old Fees)

New Fees
 from Jan.1, 2010


U.S. $ 650

U.S. $ 300

U.S. $ 400

U.S. $ 200


U.S. $ 1,250

U.S. $ 600

U.S. $ 800

U.S. $ 400


U.S. $ 2,000

U.S. $ 1,000

U.S. $ 1,200

U.S. $ 800


U.S. $ 3,000

U.S. $ 1,500

U.S. $ 1,500

U.S. $ 1,000



Minimum Contribution Expected from Residents of


Students in Neighboring Countries of INDIA (Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan & Nepal)
(Old Fees)

Neighboring Countries

New Fees from Jan.1, 2010

Students in INDIA
(Old Fees)

Students in INDIA
New Fees from Jan.1, 2010


Rs. 9,000

Rs. 4,500

Rs. 4,000

Rs. 3,000


Rs. 18,000

Rs. 9,000

Rs. 8,000

Rs. 6,000


Rs.  22,500

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 10,000


Rs. 45,000

Rs. 30,000

Rs. 30,000

Rs. 20,000

We are waiving almost 50% of the fees by awarding scholarships, as long as the scholarship funds last, with effect from January 1, 2010.
Click here to view the fee details

(We are happy to announce that right now we have around
20 full fledged Branches/Extension Centers of IICM Bible Colleges in the key cities
of India and the world:


1. CHANDIGARH USA - 2 Branches

while we have a plan to increase the number of
IICM Branches to as many as 100 key cities of the world!!)
100 Partners who would buy U.S. $ 1000 shares
are needed to sponsor this
International Internet Bible College,
offering Accredited Degree Courses.
The Share Holders will receive special Benefits and Privileges,
including the right to run an Extension Center in their own Country, and
to serve as a Faculty Member in US Campus, &
to serve on the Management or Advisory Committee !!!


We also have an
IICM Theological Open University
in which you can directly appear for the examination and earn Bachelor's or Master's Degree, if they have necessary  Bible knowledge, Ministry Experience & Confidence !!
click here for more info

4. Christian Philanthropists

If you are

  •   Interested in helping poor students to get Theological Education in a Bible College, by donating to the Scholarship Fund

  •  Offering Accredited B.Th., B.D., B.Min., M.Th., M.Div., M.Min., D.Min., Th.D. & Ph.D. (Church Management & Christian Leadership)

  • By a well known Bible College ranked and rated by major search engines as No. 1,
    out of 15 million Bible Colleges

We have been operating a Bible College for the last 20 years, and literally thousands have graduated and are doing ministry right now, in various parts of India, as Evangelists, Pastors etc.   So far we have not raised any funds in spite of the fact 90% of the applicants of our Bible School requests for a scholarship pleading inability to pay the fees for their studies.  We feel strongly right now that we should appeal to the fortunate ones blessed with plenty of money to release a part of it, to support these students for which God will richly reward them. 

Please find attached some names out of a very long list of names that we have who applied to our Bible School requesting at the same time for scholarship expressing their inability to pay the fees. 

5. Consecration of 300 Bishops for IICM in 300 Cities
Consecration of 38 Bishops for 38 Districts of Tamil Nadu, India
Consecration of 10 Arch Bishops for IICM, in 10 Major Districts of Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Consecration of 100 Arch-Bishops in 100 Major Cities of India, for IICM
Consecration of 25 Cardinals for IICM in 25 States of India
Consecration of 100 Cardinals for IICM for 100 countries in the world, from any city in the country are needed!!!
Since our International Bible college is growing at a rapid pace, and holding the first rank out of 15 million Bible colleges in the world, with hundreds of large ministries affiliated with us; several Bible Colleges have been Accredited by us, it has become imperative that we develop
 Our Own Spiritual Hierarchy to effectively monitor and provide necessary spiritual assistance to all of our Members and Associated Churches and other Christian Institutions !!!

For the above purposes, we have scheduled a Special IICM Conference, Ordination Service, Consecration of Bishop, Convocation Service &  several Church Management/Christian Leadership Seminars on Saturday, January 23, 2010, from 9 am to 5 pm in Tambaram, Chennai, INDIA, at Victory Christian Assembly next to IICM Office in Ruby Tower, 240, Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Chennai 600 073.  Tel: 044 22395149, 22791970

 The purpose of this letter is to request you to nominate suitable candidates to serve as IICM Bishop or Arch Bishop in any city of India.  There is a contribution to be paid as indicated below, and nomination of your own name will also be considered for which the bio-data and the photo of the candidate should be sent to us by email: not later than December 31, 2009.  If we find the candidate suitable to perform this spiritual role, we will tentatively approve but the consecration on the scheduled date in Chennai, India, (Saturday, January 23, 2010) will be made provided specified amount of contribution is paid by the candidate.

Nominations are welcome for the following positions.  Even though initially we request a contribution as mentioned below even in the course of first year, as they perform their assigned duties they can recover contribution made by them through the incentives and allowances given for the services rendered
                    (One Time Contribution for a Bishop : Rs.15,000 for those in India)
(One Time Contribution for an Arch Bishop: Rs.25,000 for those in India)

If this amount cannot be paid right away
it can be adjusted from the remuneration which will be given to them
for the services rendered for IICM


6. Awarding Honorary Doctoral Degrees
to outstanding and distinguished candidates,
as listed below :

LL.D., D.Hum., D.Litt., D.D., D.Min. or Ph.D.
(in Ministry, Divinity, Humanity, Literature, Public Service etc.)
will be conferred to Deserving Candidates provided they are willing to make a
small contribution towards the Scholarship Funds of IICM,
since thousands of applicants are unable to commence their Theological Studies
for lack of financial resources
Details about the requirements to be completed will be furnished upon request to
You should send your bio-data and photo to be considered for awarding one of these Honorary Degrees.  You will be required to pay a certain amount of contribution depending up on the Degree you choose to receive.
Click here for details

7. Christian M.B.A
(in Church Management, Christian Leadership,
Management of Non-profit/Religious Org., Bible College Administration etc.)
Click here for details


8. Opportunities for Establishing and Operating
IICM Branch Bible Colleges & Extension Centers
 in the Key Cities of India, and the World !!

Through these Extension Centers, the degrees listed below may be offered
through Internet / Correspondence &
also in Day, Evening or Week-End Bible Schools
Curriculum & Course Materials will be provided by us along with an
Administrative Manual to guide the IICM Extension Center Directors
to offer these programs, according to the policies/procedures of IICM

B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.C.L., B.C.M.,
M.Min., M.Th., M.Div., M.C.L., M.C.M.,
D.Min., .Th.D., D.D., S.T.D., D.C.L., D.C.M., and Ph.D.

(in Biblical Studies, Ministry, Church Management, Christian Leadership)
We will also give the right to any local Bible College, Church or an Independent Branch of IICM Bible College to do everything that we do, from India and USA, using our Course Materials, and to award all these Degrees offered by IICM!!!

Click here for details

9. Positions Available in IICM Bible College

 The following positions are available in IICM now,
in our National & International offices in Chennai
& in other key Cities of India:

a. IICM Cardinals for every Country
b. IICM Arch Bishops for every State
c. IICM Bishops for every major City
d. IICM Alumni Association Directors for every Country or  State
e. Presidents, Principals & Deans for American IICM Bible Colleges in every major City in
   every Country
f. International IICM Directors of
     i. Administration
    ii. System's Management
    iii. Promotion & Publicity
    iv. Finance
    v. Spiritual Hierarchy
    vi. IICM Alumni Association etc.
Interested candidates may send their Bio-data and photo by email to, after reviewing our international website, clearly indicating what you can do to improve the operations of IICM using your special skills, if you are offered one of the positions listed above.

10. IICM Alumni Association

In the Key Cities of every State of India and other Countries
Monthly Alumni Association Meetings
will be held in the most populated cities
for which  Alumni of IICM  will be invited
to attend and meet their IICM College mates.

If you would like to serve as the State Director of  the IICM Alumni Association,
please send your bio-data to

The responsibilities for those in these positions, will include:
1. Organizing and Conducting IICM Alumni Association Meetings
2. Speaking in Pastors Seminars & Conferences of IICM
3.Preaching in Crusades & Gospel Meetings of IICM
4. Ordaining Pastors
5. Nominating suitable candidates to serve IICM as its Bishop for a City,
Arch-Bishop for a State or Cardinal for a Country
6. Inaugurating and Overseeing IICM Branch Bible Colleges/ Extension Centers
7. Conducting Convocation Services  & Confer Degrees
in various cities, all over the world
8. Assist in Consecrating Bishops & Arch-Bishops

(Thousands of Churches, Bible Colleges & other Christian Organizations
all over the World, have been Affiliated with and Accredited by IICM)

11. IICM Website Video Recording & Broadcasting Studios

This division will operate around the year, and during the week days.
A schedule will be made and maintained to record video messages of interested preachers, and to have their messages broadcast globally through their respective websites.
If they do not have their own websites, IICM can also help design a website for them through our Web Designers.

12. IICM Internship Programs in Church Management,
Christian Leadership & Operation of IICM Extension Centers
(Weekly Training Programs will be held on Saturdays, for those
who are interested in any one or more of the 3 subjects mentioned above in Tambaram, Chennai, India
from 10 am to 1 pm followed by lunch (for cost)
One may commence this program on any Saturday, and for completion of 12 weekly programs a Certificate will be given,
and those who get a Certificate will have different kinds of Ministry or Employment opportunities in IICM
for a remuneration which will depend
upon their performance and achievement.

If you are interested, you may send your bio-data listing your qualifications, skills and the purpose for which you need this training.

13. The Article of the Month
"Spiritual Dimensions"
by Rev. Dr. John Williams