"Anointing" Internet Magazine - February 2008

IICM Internet International Theological University, Florida, USA

& IICM Internet/Correspondence & On-Campus Bible College
(IICM Regd. Educational Trust), Chennai, INDIA

You may enroll in IICM Bible College in A. USA or B. INDIA


Email: iicm@aol.com or intl@iicm.us

Website: http://www.iicmweb.org

U.S. Address:
26 Regal Walk, Staten Island, New York 10303, U.S.A.


Patriarch (Rev. Dr. John Williams)

1. Special Article by Dr. John Williams

"The Bible is the Text Book of Spiritual Science"

Click here to read the Article

2. International Pastors Conference May 29 -31, 2008
in Plymouth, PA, USA,
organized by Dr. John Williams (IICM President)

A 3 day Conference (May 29, 30 and 31, 2008)
has been scheduled by IICM for Pastors and Christian Leaders
 from around the world to gather in
 Plymouth, Pennsylvania, USA,
where we have a large Cathedral with ample facilities to seat more than 600 Pastors and Leaders of Christian Organizations.

US Conference Details

3. Internationally Accredited Degree Programs offered through
Internet, Correspondence & Extension Centers

B.Min., B.Th., B.D., B.C.L., B.C.M., M.Min., M.Th., M.C.L., M.C.M., M.Div., D.D., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.
(Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership  &
Church Management)

4. Honorary Degree offered
D.D., D.Litt., D.C.L., D.Hum., D.Ltts., LL.D., D.B.S., Ph.D.
(Biblical Studies)
Nominations/Recommendations with Bio-data may be sent
by mail or email.
5. IICM Reps & Directors of IICM Extension Centers
a. Rep. of IICM will be given contribution of 10% of fees
 received for your services
b. Director of an IICM Extension Centers in your own city
A sizeable portion of the contributions received from the students recruited by you  will be given to you for the
services rendered in this capacity.
Click here for more details
6. IICM Pastors, Bishops, Arch-Bishops & Cardinals in every City, State and Country
In the IICM Ministries we would like to have at least one Ordained Pastor in a Village/Town, one Bishop in every City, one Arch Bishop in every State and one Cardinal for every Country or Regions of the Country.
If you are interested send your bio-data and photo, by email.
7. Life Time Membership, Affiliation or Accreditation
Benefits of becoming a Life Time Member of IICM, by a
one time contribution of U.S.$100

1. Free Monthly Internet Anointing Magazine, circulated to 700,000 Churches all over the world & placing an ad. in it at a very minimal cost if you are a Life Time Member of IICM or Alumnus etc.

2. Getting your Church, Bible College or Ministry Affiliated with or Accredited by IICM by requesting for a application form for Affiliation or Accreditation through email.

3. Participating in all Programs of IICM (Management & Leadership Training, Int'l Pastors Conference in India or USA) and applying for any Position in IICM

8. Some Distinguished Alumni of IICM  among 1000s
who Graduated from IICM
9. Convert Every Church into a Bible School
Our Bible School is offering a very unique and new program
which will help every interested member of the Church
to help go through a slightly modified regular Weekly Church Programs & one extra hourly program per week
Click here for details
10. Free Internet Courses
a. Faith
b. Church Management Course
c. Christian Leadership Course

If you will fill out the Application Form or just send a letter giving your full name, full postal address, telephone number and email id. through the link provided below or through a direct email to us, we will be happy to send a set of lessons, and after you indicate to us that you have read all the materials along with your comments
about your Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment through the course,
we will be happy to send you a certificate in Bible Course.
After receiving this certificate, if you so desire,
you may enroll in one of our Degree Courses mentioned in our website.
For details click here
11. Some Comments Received from our Degree Students
about the courses that we offer around the world
12. Video Messages & Video Clippings
We have in our website (www.iicmweb.org) several messages given by our President Dr. John Williams
as well as some sample Video Clippings taken during his world wide ministries during the last 30 years.
13. IICM Daily or Weekly Newsletters
This will contain information about our current activities & programs
and attainment of all goals by IICM in key areas, under the following sections:

a. Enrollment in our Theological Degree Courses
b. Daily Meditation Section in our website (www.iicmweb.org)
c. Monthly Internet Anointing Magazine in our website
d. World News and Bible Prophecies
e. New Programs of IICM
f. Growth & Opportunities for ministry in IICM
g. Biography & Highlights of Ministries of Rev. Dr. J
ohn Williams

14. Instructions for sending Contributions to IICM
All Contributions may be sent in one of the following ways:

1. If you live in USA, you may send a personal Check in favor of "IICM Inc." and have it mailed to our U.S. H.Q.: Dr. John Williams, 26 Regal Walk, Staten Island, New York-10303, U.S.A.

2. If you live outside of the United States

a. Send by Western Union in favor of "John Williams" (26 Regal Walk, Staten Island, New York-10303, U.S.A.)

b. You may make a Bank Transfer to our Bank Account for which if you will send us an email, we will give you our account number etc. by email

c. Send a Bank Draft in favor of "IICM Inc." have it mailed to Dr. John Williams, 26 Regal Walk, Staten Island, New York-10303, U.S.A.