By Dr. John Williams


Anger is caused by an Evil Spirit (the spirit of anger). There are different kinds of Evil Spirits operating in the spiritual world. This spirit of anger causes people to get angry. When a person is in a state of anger or under the influence of the spirit of anger he tends to do things, which he may not normally do when he is not under such influence. Anger is not just an emotional reaction of a person, even though, anger may be expressed by a person emotionally. It is important for us to understand that there is such a spirit as a spirit of anger, which is very vicious and evil. Satan operates in a variety of ways in this world to influence people, to violate Godís Laws and to live a sinful life. Anger is listed in the Bible as one of the sins.

Satan was none other than one of the three Arch-angels in heaven directly reporting to the almighty God. One of these three Arch-angels was Lucifer. In the book of Ezekiel some characteristics and the position of Lucifer are described in detail. Lucifer had the highest authority in heaven and he was the most beautiful creature decked with gold, silver and precious stones (Ezekiel 16:13). Because of pride he wanted to ascend even above God. As a result of this act of treason he was thrown out of heaven from which time he became very rebellious against God and has been trying ever since to defeat Godís plan concerning the mankind of whom he was very jealous, because God created him in his own image and likeness, and he created him to love and to have fellowship with him. We should also note that all angels have been created only as ministering spirits. Satan operates in several subtle ways to defeat Godís plan and to destroy the soul of man. This background information about Satan will help us to understand the true nature of Satan, and the variety of ways in which he operates now in this world.

As mentioned already anger is one of the characteristics or nature of Satan. Satan is rebellious and angry against God himself. He tries to instigate man to get angry for several reasons, because he knows that when man is in a state of anger, he will tend to commit different kinds of sins in violation of Godís laws.


A person who is under the influence of the spirit of anger will exhibit it in the following ways:
React, Retaliate and Resist
Get Violent
Curse Hate
Be Rude and Harsh
Yell and Scream
Get Wild Get Crazy Do Foolish Things
Commit Sins
Take Revenge
Do Evil

When a person is angry his state of mind and emotion can be described as follows:

To be upset
To be Provoked
To lose the Temper
To be Frious
To get Indignant
To be Resentful To be Aggravated To be Annoyed


A person gets angry for one or more of the following reasons:
Lack of Love
Lack of Patience
Lack of Self-control
Unforgiving Spirit

Therefore we should know that anger is not just an emotional outburst but a spiritual act or reaction. Anger is caused by the instigation of several evil spirits such as the spirit of hatred, spirit of pride, spirit of jealousy, spirit of unforgiveness, spirit of bitterness etc. Therefore we should not take anger lightly. We have to deal with the root cause of anger and eradicate it, with a determination and with some spiritual counseling.


Angry Destroys the Peace
Anger Destroys the Joy
Anger Destroys the Patience
Anger Destroys the Self-control
Anger Destroys the Love
Anger Destroys the Goodness
Anger Destroys the Gentleness
Anger Destroys the Self Respect
Anger Destroys the Dignity and Honor
Anger Destroys the Balance and Stability
Anger Destroys the Material Things of Value (By throwing, Smashing, Banging and Breaking)
Anger Destroys the Moral and Social Values
Anger Destroys the Righteousness
Anger Destroys the Wisdom
Anger Destroys the Discretion and Judgment
Anger Destroys the Spiritual Growth
Anger Destroys the emotional and spiritual Strength

When a person gets angry that person may physically, biologically and chemically be affected in a variety of ways by:

Generating Heat
Secreting Acid
Burning on the inside
Palpitation of the heart
Getting Exhausted
Getting High Blood Pressure
Getting even a Heart Attack


Anger is a Curse - Genesis 49:7
Anger causes Fierceness - Deuteronomy 13:17
Anger causes Heat - Deuteronomy 29:24
Anger causes one to Sin -Romans I King16:2, Proverbs 22:24
Anger makes a person to act Foolishly-Ecclesiastes 7:9
Anger causes Smoke - Psalms 74:1
Anger has Force and Power - Psalms 90:11
Cease from Anger - Psalms 37:8
He who is soon to anger does foolish things - Proverbs 14:17
He who is slow to anger is better that mighty - Proverbs 16:32
The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger - Proverbs 19:11
He who is hasty in the high spirit of anger resteth in the bosom of fools - Ecclesiastes 7:9
Whoever is angry with his brother without any cause shall be in danger
of the Judgment - Matthews 5:22


We can find several examples of persons who really got angry and committed in many instances instinctively or under a sudden and grave provocation different kinds of sins or acts of serious consequences as indicated below:

1. Cain was so mad and angry at his Brother Abel that he took a knife and stabbed him to death.

2. Lucifer one of arch-angel of God became Satan and turned against God. When he was thrown out of heaven, he determined to defeat Godís plan for became man by influencing man in a variety of subtle deceptive and evil ways, to violate Godís laws and to face Godís judgment.

3. King Nebuchadnezzer got angry when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down before the statue that he not only threatened them, to throw him into a fiery furnace but also commanded his servants to heat the furnace seven times.

4. Josephís Brothers were so jealous of him, because of the special treatment and love he received from their father, that they got very angry and threw him into a pit.

5. The Brother of Prodigal Son got jealous when the Prodigal Son was given a special treatment by his father, and expressed his feelings by getting terribly angry.

6. Haman was so jealous and angry over Mordecai that he built a high gallows to hang him.

7. The Saducees and Pharisees were very angry against Jesus Christ because he claimed to be the Son of God. As a result they plotted against him to kill him by bringing false charges against him.

8. King Pharaoh was so angry when Moses demanded that Israelites should be delivered from the captivity of Egypt, that he refused to let them go. Finally even after he let them go, he sent the armies of Egypt to kill the Israelites because he was so angry.

9. When Daniel continued to pray daily ignoring the commandment of the King, he cast him into the lions den.

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